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The Most Unnecessary TV Series Reboot, According To 25% Of People

Depending on your definition of television, you're either living in the Golden Age of the small screen, or the vast expanse of the TV wasteland. As far as the Golden Age goes, it's mostly unfolding on pay-to-play extended cable stations or in the realm of streamers. As for the wasteland, look no further than network television, where it seems bosses are happy to keep recycling dramas about doctors, lawyers, and cops or sitcoms featuring families struggling with domestic life until the end of days. So starved have the major networks become in the last couple of decades, many have even taken to simply rebooting series from yesteryear that already proved successful, either doing so with past cast members returning to the mix or simply re-using a concept with fresh faces all around. While that approach has occasionally produced intriguing results on cable (see Showtime's David Lynch-helmed Twin Peaks) and streamers (see Netflix's Gilmore Girls), networks have not fared quite as well, with the reboot craze being responsible for some truly forgettable programs in recent years. 

Even as most TV viewers might seek to forget such misfires as the truly misguided Dallas retread or the ill-fated 24: Legacy continuation, remember we must, if only to try and stem the tide of reboot fever moving forward. Looper surveyed 528 readers, asking them to choose the worst of the worst from reboot land, and the results are in.

25% of people said the Charlie's Angels reboot was the most unnecessary

Based on the vote, it's safe to say viewers are hoping not to see Bosley and the rest of the Charlie's Angels crew any time soon. What, you forgot there was a small screen revival of the hit '70s show back in 2011? You are not alone in that fact, but the series did indeed hit the airwaves behind a major marketing push and with a cushy Thursday prime-time slot to boot. It did so with the backing of Drew Barrymore (star of the 2000's big screen Charlie's Angels flicks), and the creative talents of Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) as well — not to mention an impressive young cast featuring Minka Kelly (Titans), Annie Ilonzeh (Arrow), and Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones). And of course, one would've thought the Charlie's Angels name alone would've been enough to at least pique the interest of viewers.

All that energy behind the project notwithstanding, 24.81% of respondents said they could have done without the 2011 Charlie's Angels reboot. While overfamiliarity may have played a role, the ratings were so bad for the Charlie's Angels reboot it was cancelled after its fourth episode dropped and off ABC altogether before it's already filmed eighth could even air. As noted, the massive failure of the series faded just as quickly from the minds of the masses, which may well have included the minds behind the equally ill-fated 2019 Charlie's Angels big screen reboot

In second place, with 20.64% of the vote, was BH90210, the revamped, show-within-a-show edition of the tales from everyone's favorite ZIP code. The Murphy Brown revival from 2019 landed in third, with 16.67% of respondents calling it the most unnecessary.