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The Fez Relationship We Should Have Seen Blossom In That '70s Show

That '70s Show may have taken place in the... well, 1970s, but it proved some things are universal all these years later. People still geek out over Star Wars. The basement is still the go-to hangout spot for numerous teens. And people still work out the intricacies of being in a romantic relationship while coming of age. 

A major driving force of the series is watching Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon) go from friends to romantic interests, facing numerous ups and downs along the way. While their relationship is thrown in turmoil after Eric leaves Point Place for Africa, they ultimately end up in a relatively happy position, providing a good amount of closure for people who were invested in them as a couple for so many years. 

The other members of the gang have their fair share of romantic subplots as well from long-term flings, i.e., Jackie (Mila Kunis) and Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), to brief hookups that only lasted an episode or two. A lot of the time, this was done to bring on a high-profile guest star, like when Alyson Hannigan appeared to get between Kelso and Fez (Wilder Valderrama). They show up, tell a few jokes, and leave. Still, there are some relationships we wish we could've seen develop and play out more, especially when it comes to the oddball of the group — Fez.

Fez and Danielle could've brought a really interesting dynamic to the show

For season 7 of That '70s Show, the sitcom decided to take advantage of the real-life romance between Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan (via Bustle). While the two dated for less than a year, it was still enough time for Lohan to do a guest spot on Valderrama's show as Danielle, a woman who's taken in by Fez's sensitivity. As such, she blows off a date she had with Kelso to be with him, but later, Kelso learns he needs to listen to women more to get them to like him. He puts this concept to the test on Danielle, who promptly kisses him right when Fez enters the room. 

You may think that would explain why she's never seen again after this episode, but after the infidelity, she tells Fez she'll meet him in his car, implying that they'll get together at least one more time. Honestly, it's kind of hard to picture someone like Fez, who's been repeatedly turned down by women all his life, stepping away from a romantic interest who's clearly obsessed with him. There could've been a lot of fun with watching Donna and Jackie try to figure out what Danielle's deal is and why she's into Fez after he's been so creepy around women throughout the entirety of the show. 

Of course, maybe it's for the best Danielle didn't stick around. The couple broke up in real life around the time the episode came out, so it would've been pretty awkward if they had to continue acting all lovey-dovey with each other for the cameras.