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Nadiya's Time To Eat Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Nadiya's Time to Eat was as comforting as a warm bowl of soup during the chaotic year that was 2020, so it's no surprise fans can't stop asking Netflix when a second season of Nadiya Hussain's popular cooking series will arrive on the streamer. The 2015 Great British Baking Show winner showed off her skills as a charming and inventive host over the course of the seven-episode first season as she taught viewers and "time-poor" British home cooks how to make quick, satisfying meals in a flash. As a result, it's not surprising viewers are craving more of her time-saving tips, but due to the ongoing global pandemic, a second season of Nadiya's Time to Eat may not be feasible, at least not at the moment.

As of writing, neither Netflix nor the BBC (the show's U.K. home) has confirmed Nadiya's Time to Eat will return for a season 2, despite positive reviews. The trouble is, unlike most cooking shows, Hussain's series involves an element of travel that's simply not possible in the current climate. In between making meals in her colorful kitchen, the creative cook ventures to the homes of people across Britain who are struggling to find the time to prepare meals for themselves and their families. Additionally, she also includes a segment spotlighting various food production hubs in the U.K., like the factory where Marmite is made.

Those off-site field trips are currently not possible to film, which could be a factor in Netflix and the BBC's lack of a season 2 renewal. But with the world slowly returning to normal, there's still hope Nadiya's Time to Eat could earn a season 2 renewal. Read on to find out what to expect if Hussain's popular cooking show returns.

When will Nadiya's Time to Eat season 2 premiere on Netflix?

Since she won The Great British Baking Show, Hussain has become a staple of British television. In addition to Nadiya's Time to Eat, she also hosted The Chronicles of Nadiya, Nadiya's British Food Adventure, Nadiya's Asian Odyssey, Nadiya's Family Favourites, and, most recently, Nadiya Bakes. The general trend with all of her shows is that the U.K. gets them first, while U.S. viewers have to wait for a stateside distributor to pick the series up for streaming.

For instance, season 1 of Nadiya's Time to Eat initially aired on BBC Two in 2019 before premiering in April 2020 on Netflix. That means if a second season is ordered and filmed this year, it would still likely be 2022 before new episodes landed on Netflix. That's a long wait for more of this comfort food series, but the good news is Netflix seems well-aware that Hussain has plenty of fans world-wide, as evidenced by the recent release of Nadiya Bakes on the streamer.

Who will host Nadiya's Time to Eat season 2?

If the show returns, then Hussain will almost certainly return with it. After all, she is the key ingredient in the show's success. As helpful as her tips are, they're made all the more interesting by her relatable and friendly nature.

Throughout the first season, Hussain was honest about the struggle of making time to cook homemade meals each night. As a wife, mom of three, and a successful television personality, cook, and author, The Great British Baking Show winner knows all too well how difficult it can be to navigate all of life's many demands. That's why she gets creative when it's time to fix up meals her entire family will love.

And while Hussain always seems to be tackling a new project — from hosting new shows to releasing cookbooks — it's impossible to imagine a second season of Nadiya's Time to Eat without her.

What kinds of dishes will Hussain prepare on Nadiya's Time to Eat season 2?

If you watched The Great British Baking Show in 2015, then you know Hussain can prepare some seriously intricate dishes. However, Nadiya's Time to Eat is about simplifying viewers' lives with meals that take time-saving shortcuts (but still taste great). As a result, you can expect a second season to continue to feature recipes that are easy to replicate at home.

Among season 1's highlights were a delicious looking salmon poke bowl, upside-down pineapple pancakes, and one of Hussain's personal favorites, baked bean falafels. In an April 2020 interview with Refinery29, the cook shared why she's particularly fond of that last dish.

"Sometimes you look at a can of baked beans and think, 'Nah, I can't do anything with that. That's just baked beans,'" she said. "But to me, they are cooked, soft, delicious beans that somebody else has already packed with flavor and done all the cooking for me. To me, that's an ingredient, it's not a ready meal so I strain them, make falafel out of the beans, and take the delicious sweet tomato sauce and turn that into a dipping sauce. Then I've got falafel with sauce ... That's such a quick meal and it's really not very expensive at all. It's all about taking something like a humble can of baked beans and stretching it out into something that's much bigger."

For Hussain, any cabinet staple can be turned into an unexpected meal, and with the world slowly returning to normal, viewers might just get a chance to see her craft another round of unique dishes if Netflix and the BBC renew Nadiya's Time to Eat for season 2.