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The Allison Relationship Detail In The Umbrella Academy Season 2 That Bothers Fans

The second season of The Umbrella Academy had the show's main cast of heroes dealing with an entirely different set of problems. After failing to prevent the apocalypse in the first season, Number 5 sends the entire academy to various points in time during the 1960s in Dallas, Texas. With all of the academy's characters spread out across this decade in U.S. history, they each are forced to adjust to different lives.

One character who deals with a unique set of issues is Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman). As a Black woman, she is subjected to the horrific realities of segregation during this time period. Despite the hardships, she is able to find comfort and a place in the Black community of Dallas. When she recovers from injuries gained in season 1, Allison is finally able to communicate with those around her. She eventually falls in love with a civil rights activist named Ray (Yusuf Gatewood), and she later gets married to him and helps him organize protests in the community, all while hiding her powers from him. Although Allison's story was definitely a standout from her other brothers and sisters, there is one issue that fans weren't happy about.

Allison makes no mention of the person she cared about the most in The Umbrella Academy's first season

A fan of The Umbrella Academy took to Reddit to point out that Allison barely mentions her daughter Claire during the show's second season. "Obviously she lost both her ex husband and her daughter from the apocalypse at the end of Season 1, which would be incredibly traumatic and cause a lot of grief," the user wrote. "Then, get dropped in the 60s where they both do not even exist anymore." The fan concluded their post by asking if Claire is "kinda just forgotten."

This also sparked other users to join in on the conversation about this glaring problem involving Allison's character in season 2. "This also bothered the crap out of me," one user wrote. "She mentions Claire exactly twice the entire season. Once when talking to Luther (but like, only after the second or third time they talk does she mention her) and once in the finale episode in one line. That's it."

Other fans were extremely bothered by this issue since it was a departure from the Allison that viewers were introduced to during the show's first season. "The scene in S1 where Allison tells Vanya 'You don't know what it's like to feel like you can't breathe because she isn't with you' felt so powerful and real to me," the user explained. "Then this season it's like she conveniently just forgets that she even has a kid for most of the season."

While it is definitely strange that Claire wasn't at the forefront of Allison's mind, perhaps this will be explored more thoroughly in the show's third season. After all, the entire academy returns to their own time period, albeit with everything has changed due to their meddling in the past. This may have unintended consequences for Allison since it's uncertain if Claire exists in this new alternate timeline the heroes created.