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The Best Episode Of Atlanta, According To IMDb

Atlanta on FX is many things, but predictable isn't one of them. Creator and star Donald Glover's surrealist dramedy about three friends trying to make it in Atlanta's rap community first debuted back in 2016, but Glover's busy schedule means that Atlanta doesn't air new episodes quite as often as a typical show. So far Atlanta has only aired 21 episodes across two seasons. But it's made those episodes count. Atlanta is an expertly crafted show, yet it doesn't follow a specific formula. An episode might take place over the course of one talk-show interview, like "B.A.N." did, or it might be essentially a horror movie, like "Woods" was. Episodes may not even feature Glover at all — again, he's a busy man.

As with most TV shows, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the premiere of Atlanta's third season. It's most likely that Atlanta season 3 will premiere sometime in fall 2021, but that hasn't been confirmed. Glover has already promised that seasons 3 and 4 will rank among the best in TV history, per NME

That's a big claim, as those seasons would also have to surpass the quality work that Atlanta has already done. Some Atlanta episodes are already ranked among the classics in TV history. But according to IMDb, one episode surpasses them all.

Here's the episode of 'Atlanta' that really sticks with you

It's fitting that "Teddy Perkins" is the show's highest-rated episode because, just like Atlanta itself, the episode breaks the mold. It's essentially a 40-minute horror film starring Darius (LaKeith Stanfield), and it originally ran with no commercials to build suspense.

The story follows Darius as he tries to buy a piano from Teddy, an eccentric shut-in played by a heavily made-up Glover, who also lives with his wheelchair-bound brother, Benny. Director Hiro Murai used every detail to create a sense of dread that hangs over the episode. "Teddy Perkins" also includes several references to classic horror movies ranging from 1933's The Invisible Man to 2017's Get Out.

But it's more than just a scary episode. While the creepiness is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for your entire first viewing, the story also hits on themes that reflect both the show and Glover's career outside of it. As Darius learns the story of Teddy and Benny, he finds out that Benny is a musical prodigy but Teddy keeps him locked in the basement, believing that great art comes from great pain. This dynamic, of a musical talent being stifled by someone who wants to exploit them, uncomfortably mirrors the relationship between Glover's Earn and his only client, the rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry). 

Since this is Atlanta, there are also questions about how much of this is real. It's possible that Teddy and/or Benny don't exist or might be the same person. Viewer's are left to wonder: Is Teddy supposed to represent Donald Glover? Either way, the episode still gives fans plenty to think about almost three years after it aired, and it's considered Atlanta's best.