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The One Atlanta Star Donald Glover Actually Fooled With His Teddy Perkins Makeover

"Atlanta" remains one of the best shows to air on FX. It expertly combines social commentary with comedy to create something wholly its own. There's genuinely nothing else like it, but more shows could naturally take some pointers from it.

Any episode could function as a fan's favorite, but it should come as no surprise to hear how the "Teddy Perkins" episode resonated with viewers more than most. The episode follows Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) as he goes to pick up a piano from eccentric musician Teddy Perkins, played by an unrecognizable Donald Glover. Darius may think it will be a simple errand, but the two muse on the meaning of fame and happiness. It's a transcendent episode that blends together elements of comedy and horror in a way few shows have managed before. It's truly a work of art. 

And it's made all the more intriguing that many people watching probably had no idea that was Glover behind all the makeup and prosthetics. That goes double for one "Atlanta" actor who was taken aback upon learning the truth.

LaKeith Stanfield was 'kind of mad' about learning Donald Glover was Teddy Perkins

In a deep dive for The Hollywood Reporter, LaKeith Stanfield discussed many projects from his career, and naturally, "Teddy Perkins" had to come up. The article revealed that Stanfield was the only person on the set who had no idea Glover was the actor, and he was utterly mystified by the person he had to act in numerous scenes with. He recalled, "I wanted to know more about [the actor], so I started asking him questions." Stanfield explained that Glover had prepared an entire backstory for the actor, unwilling to give up the guise it was really him the whole time.

His curiosity got the better of him, and he started asking around the set until someone finally revealed it was Donald Glover. While one would assume that would scratch whatever itch Stanfield had, the opposite actually happened. Stanfield went on to say, "And then someone finally just spilled the beans, which now I'm kind of mad about, because I wish the illusion would've gone on a little  longer."

It makes sense; it's a rare opportunity to work alongside a complete unknown, and it undoubtedly helped Stanfield with his performance. We may not see Teddy Perkins on "Atlanta" again, but the story behind the episode shows the lengths the team will go to in order to ensure "Atlanta" is unlike anything else on the air.