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How Peyton List Got Ripped For Cobra Kai

While the Netflix series Cobra Kai has many strengths, one of the main draws of the show are the fight sequences. Numerous characters on the show are portrayed as karate trainees, and Tory Nichols, Johnny Lawrence's star pupil turned John Kreese's disciple, is no different. Having made an impact right from her entrance in Season 2, one of the things that's become apparent about Tory is that her default setting is to literally attack anyone she has a problem with, either real or perceived. Tory's propensity to get into regular fights is reflected in star Peyton List's physique, and heading into the show's 4th season, List has spoken about the workout regimen she uses to keep in tip-top shape.

In an interview with HELLO Magazine, List revealed that she hadn't had any martial arts training prior to the show, and so focused on getting in shape at the training gym on the set of the show when she was shooting. When she was not on set, however, List knew it was key to keep in shape and continue her training, and with that in mind, she found a workout class that turned out to be the ideal fit for her.

List now does this workout even when not shooting Cobra Kai

"When I'm off set, I'll take STRONG Nation's high-intensity martial arts inspired classes," List said, "specifically with their master trainer, Ai Lee Syarief, who is a worldwide karate champion." She went on to say that the classes give her a full-body workout that lets her stay in shape even when the show isn't shooting.

While they do also have in-person sessions, one of the key benefit of STRONG Nation workouts is that they can be taken virtually, which has proven to be a major benefit for List. The ease of accessibility and the fact that the classes are only 30 minutes long means that she has taken to doing sessions even when she is filming Cobra Kai. "Doing virtual HIIT workouts like STRONG Nation helps me release all of my pent-up anxiety," List added, "which is key for me."

STRONG Nation classes combine a range of focus areas, such as muscle conditioning, body weight, and cardio to create bootcamp-style exercise classes that use music to motivate people to move. People who sign up for courses may see a familiar face among the hosts, as Peyton List has found the workouts so beneficial that she and her twin brother Spencer List have both joined forces with STRONG Nation and can be seen hosting virtual classes.

The effects of this workout will undoubtedly be reflected not only in List's performance in Cobra Kai, but in any future roles she takes as well.