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What Agatha Was Really Doing All Along According To WandaVision Bosses - Exclusive

Sing along, readers: "Who's been messing up everything? It's been Agatha allllllll alloooooooong!"

We've all been singing along, making memes, and failing in all of our attempts to get Agatha's (Kathryn Hahn) earworm out of our heads since WandaVision wrapped. Some of us have even revisited the Marvel Studios series specifically to search for early hints of what Agatha had indeed been up to — all along. Many of those hints were dropped right under our noses, like the witchy neighbor's repeated reference to her husband "Ralph," or her on-the-nose Halloween costume. Of course, this still doesn't answer the big question: What, specifically, was Agatha doing behind the scenes after she set up shop in the Hex. How long was she there? What was she thinking while pulling off those classic sitcom schemes? Why did she take so long to reveal herself?

To get the answers, Looper spoke with the WandaVision creative teamhead writer Jac Schaeffer, producer Mary Livanos, and director Matt Shakman. They outlined what Agatha was doing, why she showed up at all, and how she operated before the big (and catchy) reveal.

Agatha took a 'watch and wait' approach until she grew impatient

"Agatha sniffed out that there was some crazy, crazy magic going on," says Schaeffer, "and it's her bag to take people's crazy magic. And so, she showed up, and she watched and waited." 

Her writers room went into detail on Agatha's process and modus operandi. "She's been around a long time, as you've seen, based on her flashback at the top of episode 8. And she knows not to poke a bear or whatever. So in our minds, she showed up, and she assimilated. And she watched and waited and kind of tried to stir up some trouble and see what would happen and get the information hopefully that she needed. And then it became too late, and she had to force the issue."

Shakman says that Agatha "was trying to create moments where she could push Wanda [Elizabeth Olsen] to a breaking point, into a moment where she might reveal something." Sounds like she was a witch on a witch hunt, which is only slightly less messed up than what happened during actual witch hunts.

Livanos in particular notes the role of Fake Pietro — Fiektro, as she calls him — in Agatha's plan. "We saw in episode 6, Pietro tried to get information out of Wanda, but it did not work and Wanda sort of became wise to the fact that he was not a benevolent presence." 

Shakman points out that eventually, "She decided it was time to reveal herself because she wasn't getting all the answers that she needed."