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Why Black Caesar From The Lost Pirate Kingdom Looks So Familiar

The modern world believes in a romanticized pirate life: the freedom of the high seas, the ability to plunder passing ships, and the absolute lack of scurvy. These are a far cry from reality, and shows like The Lost Pirate Kingdom seek to disabuse audiences of these assumptions likely gleaned from popular pirate movies. The Lost Pirate Kingdom is an historical documentary-style show detailing the real-life pirates of the Caribbean. Viewers won't see the likes of Jack Sparrow or Hector Barbossa fighting over cursed gold, but actual pirates such as Anne Bonny and Blackbeard, all brought to life by talented actors, will grace the screen. One of the more ruthless on the show is Black Caesar, an ex-African-chieftain-turned-slave-turned-pirate captain, according to Britannica. Black Caesar and his crew made a career posing as shipwrecked sailors before they attacked naive good samaritans who attempted to rescue them. 

In The Lost Pirate Kingdom, Black Caesar is brought to life by Miles Yekinni. If you watched the show and are curious what Yekinni was in before he sailed the CGI seas, we have your answer.

Miles Yekinny played Seb Gooder in Doctors

In what can only be described as fitting irony, Miles Yekinni's first role was as Octavius in Adam Lee Hamilton's 2011 modern semi-retelling of Caesar, simply titled Julius Caesar. But, Yekinni had to wait until 2016 to be truly noticed in Doctors. Yekinni appeared in seven Doctors episodes as boxing instructor Seb Gooder. However, he didn't have much in the way of character development. In fact, Yekinni's role can be boiled down to catalyzing development in other characters since he starts training Ayesha Lee (Laura Rollins) and later asks her out on a date. But, unfortunately for him, police constable Tyler Green (David Atkins) crashes that date, resulting in the two of them fighting for Ayesha's attention. Initially, Ayesha sides with Seb since Tyler did just show up uninvited, but she later doubts that decision because Seb apparently has some anger management problems.

Miles Yekinny was Tall Sagitari in Krypton

Krypton was a confusing show. Its first season wasn't well received, but it was renewed for a second season. Though the second slate of episodes fared better in critics' eyes, viewership didn't follow suit. The result was a show about Superman without featuring Superman. It's no wonder Krypton was canceled. On the bright side, Krypton gave Western audiences their first encounter with Miles Yekinni. Yekinni only appears in the episode "Transformation" and is credited as "Tall Sagitari." Despite the name sounding like a race alien to Krypton, the Sagitari were really just police, guards, and other members of Kryptonian law enforcement and he happens to be above average height. Yekinni just has two big scenes in the episode, specifically when he arrests Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) and threatens Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe).

"Tall Sagitari" is such a bit part that the character doesn't receive a proper name or arc, just a description. He is merely window dressing that moves the plot along, and he doesn't reappear in subsequent episodes. 

He also played Bergerum in Cursed

Right before Miles Yekinni portrayed a pirate in a realistic look at the life of pirates, he took a short detour into the wooded and magical Arthurian lands of Cursed. Yekinni plays the part of Bergerum, a fey archer. He accompanies Gawain (Matt Stokoe), Arthur (Devon Terrell), and Mogwan (Jojo Macari) to retrieve precious food, but they are caught in an ambush. Things quickly go from bad to worse. Arthur is captured by the villainous Red Paladins, and while trying to save him, Bergerum is filled with arrows. It's not enough to kill a fey like him, but it is enough to get him captured, and the Paladins start torturing Bergerum to draw out Gawain and Arthur. But, instead of repaying the favor and mounting a valiant rescue, Arthur decides it's best to put Bergerum out of his misery with one more strategically placed arrow.

Since Yekinni doesn't last two episodes before his character is killed in Cursed, he understandably doesn't return for subsequent episodes. But, at least he helps give Arthur some character development.