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What Shameless Fans Absolutely Love About Frank

Whether you sympathize with him or disagree entirely with his moral compass, Shameless' Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) is someone everyone can appreciate. He's the hard-working alcoholic father who always seems to be getting in some kind of trouble, and if you know anything about the Gallaghers, this hardly comes as a shock. Each of them appears to be in their own world of struggles, but at the end of the day, they always come together as one big, dysfunctional family.

Throughout the show's 11 seasons, Frank has made some bad decisions as a father, including calling child protective services on his own family, and as a person in general. Still, for some reason, fans can't help but enjoy his presence at the end of each episode. Shameless enthusiasts on Reddit have even noted their admiration for the character. 

Here's why Shameless fans have a unique kind of love for Frank Gallagher.

If all else fails, Frank Gallagher has his charm

A big reason why Shameless fans love Frank is simply because of his charm — a must-have quality for someone who's constantly getting in trouble. Whether he's explaining himself to the police, his family, or even himself, Frank always has a way of getting himself out of a mess.

This charisma carries him throughout all of the seasons and is a staple of his personality. You want him to win, and you want him to succeed, because if he doesn't, he's just an abusive, alcoholic father who struggles to provide for his family. But no matter how down in the dumps Frank gets, he always gets up, dusts himself off, and finds the next opportunity in front of him.

"The thing I love about the show is how smart Frank is," said Reddit user u/vaniamokonchu. "He's an a** and should never be copied, yes, but the way he presents his ludicrous ideas and the way he explains himself to get what he wants/out of situations is amazing. Sometimes I find myself pausing my show and looking up a reference he made."