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The Most Disturbing Horror Movie Told From The Killer's POV

Taking on the killer's perspective is nothing new to slasher and serial killer movies. The technique can be seen in films ranging from the granddaddy of all slashers, Halloween, to the detached brutality of Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer. A 2012 remake of the '80s classic, Maniac, even took on the visual POV of it's killer for most of the runtime. But horror movies aren't always known for their high standards in quality, and a fresh, original take on these characters can feel hard to come by.

That's why this 2006 film is always worthy of notice for veteran horror fans. It's a movie that isn't just an audacious deconstruction of the slasher movie villain, but also a rewarding and scary gorefest in it's own right. It co-stars Freddie Krueger himself, Robbie Englund, and balances solid parody with some genuine menace.

Here's the slasher movie you will not want to miss.

Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon was slept on by many horror fans upon release, but has built up a cult fandom in the fifteen years since for how it knowingly skewers genre tropes while still respecting their place in the mythology.

Set in a world where bad guys like Jason and Freddie are in fact real, the film focuses on would-be slasher villain Leslie Vernon as he prepares his first killing spree. A documentary crew, led by intrigued young journalist Taylor, follows Vernon as he explains his plans to them, even analyzing the necessity of a "survivor girl" who'll be the one to confront him. The running gag of the film of course is that Vernon is a seemingly nice, personable man who also wants to be a movie monster. This means it's up to the crew to decide whether to stop him or become part of the rise of Leslie Vernon.

Featuring a disarming performance from lead actor Nathan Baesel and a deeply satisfying third act twist, Behind The Mask is definitely a cut above your average slasher film. It's currently available to stream on both Amazon Prime and Shudder.