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The Fast And Furious Movie That Over 32% Of People Would Get Rid Of

The Fast and Furious franchise has been running for nearly two decades, with eight entries in the main storyline and more spinoffs than most fans probably realize. While few franchises that aren't the MCU or Star Wars have that kind of staying power, Fast and Furious managed to keep going and get better as it added sequels. One of the ways the franchise has managed to stay successful for almost 20 years is by shifting its focus while retaining key cast members and themes that keep the series familiar. The original, The Fast and the Furious, arrived in 2001 as a straightforward undercover cop story that sees Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) infiltrate Dominic Toretto's (Vin Diesel) illegal street race/heist crew. After a few disappointing sequels — 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift — the series found its footing again with 2009's Fast and Furious, which added a third "F" to the formula — family — and began crushing it at the box office. The series would only become more successful, with a high point at Furious 7, which was one of the highest-grossing films ever at the time of its release, per Variety.

Of course, any franchise with such an extensive library has at least one movie that everyone would rather forget. Looper asked fans across the United States which Fast and Furious film they would eliminate, and there was a pretty clear answer. Here is the Fast and Furious movie that over 32% of people would get rid of.

Over 32% of fans would like to erase The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift from the series

The Fast and Furious films have changed a lot over the years and experimented with many elements, from leads to locations, while trying to find the perfect mix of speed, fury, and family. While that resulted in some experiments that worked and some that didn't, 32.58% of people said that given a chance, they would get rid of the third installment, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. While Tokyo Drift may not be the worst Fast and Furious film, it certainly isn't the best, and it is possibly the most significant outlier of the core movies. Tokyo Drift was the first film that didn't feature any members of the original cast. 

Beside that, Tokyo Drift shifted the order of the films in ways that were often confusing for fans. For instance, the timeline of Han's death wasn't fully explained for multiple movies until it finally became clear that Tokyo Drift took place years after 2 Fast 2 Furious.  Tokyo Drift was ultimately intended to be a story somewhat outside of the main canon, a fact that also makes it the easiest to eliminate.

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift wasn't the only film fans were willing to part with

Tokyo Drift wasn't the only film in the franchise that fans were willing to part with. In second place was the most recent movie, The Fate of the Furious, which 17.61% of fans would be happy to toss. The Fate of the Furious did well with audiences but had a hard time following Furious 7, considered by many to be a highpoint of the series.

In third place is 2 Fast 2 Furious with 9.47%, which did well at the box office but was disliked by critics, followed closely by Furious 7 itself, which received 9.28%. Of course, Furious 7 was the entry in the series that said goodbye to Paul Walker after his tragic death in 2013, which may be why some fans would rather not rewatch it. Rounding out the list is Fast and Furious 4, which received 7.95% of the vote, and Fast and Furious 6, with 4.36%, two solid entries from the franchise's resurgence to the top.