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Why Jameela Jamil Was Never The Same After The Good Place

When it premiered in 2016, The Good Place received almost instant critical acclaim that lasted for the entirety of its run, but the show was never long for this world. Despite its stellar cast, anchored by sitcom veteran Ted Danson alongside film star Kristen Bell, and its consistently sharp writing, the show's unconventional exploration of the afterlife and moral principles was a little too unusual to establish a sizable audience.

While fans may have been disappointed that The Good Place only lasted four seasons, showrunner Michael Schur, who previously created hits like The Office and Parks and Recreation, was aware that the show was always on the edge. As a result, he carefully plotted the show's fourth and final season, tying up the sometimes convoluted plot in a tight conclusion. The Good Place's last episode gave each of the show's main characters a chance to say goodbye to one another and the audience who stuck with them for the show's run.

The results were emotional, not just for the characters on screen and the viewers at home but also for the actors and actresses behind the scenes. Jameela Jamil, who played Tahani, was particularly affected by her character's arc. Here is why Jameela Jamil was never the same after The Good Place.

Tahani's emotional family reunion on The Good Place had a big effect on Jameela Jamil

At the core of The Good Place is personal growth. Each character needs to evaluate their personal history and learn to change throughout the series to save themselves from the Bad Place and benefit humanity. Development is so vital to The Good Place that even characters with little need to evolve, such as the seemingly omnipotent Michael (Ted Danson) and Janet (D'Arcy Carden), ultimately undergo essential transformations during the show's final season.

One of the most subtle but meaningful transformations on The Good Place happens to Tahani (Jameela Jamil), a socialite who spent her life on Earth committed to philanthropy. However, she finds herself in the Bad Place because her efforts were fueled by jealousy toward her accomplished sister and family, tainting her motivations and dooming her to eternal punishment.

To amend that, Tahani must learn to unravel her resentment for her sister and parents. In the show's final episode, Tahani reconnects with her sister, mother, and father in the afterlife, finally enjoying time spent together outside of the expectations that strained their relationship on Earth. Jamila told Deadline that her understanding of Tahani was that "Everything that was fantastic about her, and annoying, can be traced back to that family. To be able to see that she has been able to work through all her 'shirt' and find admiration and love from her family meant so much."

Tahani's farewell to Michael was a highlight for Jameela Jamil

While Tahani's reunion with her family was a satisfying conclusion to the character's storyline, Jameela Jamil found that Tahani's farewell scene with Michael was even more impactful. While the rest of the main characters make their exit by walking through the gateway to nonexistence, Tahani decides to stay in the Good Place and become an architect, following in Michael's footsteps. As a sign of his trust in her abilities, Michael gifts her one of his signature bowties. Jamil described that scene as "one of the top three most important and memorable moments of my entire life" (via Deadline).

Beyond her character's memorable farewell to her costars, Jamil's positive experience on the show for its four seasons profoundly affected her. Jamil said, "I sobbed so uncontrollably. I don't think I've ever cried that much in public ever in my life. In fact, I don't think I had ever cried in public." She also commented on the impact that The Good Place and creator Michael Schur had on her, stating that "Mike changed my life."

While The Good Place may have come to an end, fans can still enjoy the episodes that were produced. The carefully plotted story and detailed sets mean that rewatching The Good Place can be just as rewarding as seeing it for the first time.