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The Untold Truth Of The Falcon's Sister

Sam Wilson is finally getting a family thanks to Disney+'s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Up until now, the Air Force veteran's backstory has largely been limited to his military service. And while we know Sam's a good man who is worthy of carrying Steve Rogers' Captain America shield, it would be nice to know who he is beyond his heroics.

The introduction of the Falcon's sister, Sarah Wilson, should go a long way toward fleshing out the character as Sam takes center stage alongside Bucky in the next Marvel and Disney+ series. Sarah is set to be played by 12 Years a Slave and Widows actress Adepero Oduye, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will mark both her and the character's MCU debut.

However, Sarah won't be new to Marvel comics fans. The character was first introduced way back in 1971 within the pages of Captain America #134. Since then, she's made fairly regular appearances whenever her big brother needed a shoulder to lean on or a little bit of tough love. Although Sarah doesn't possess any superpowers herself, she's always been portrayed as a doting little sister who is proud of her brother's career as an Avenger.

That being said, Sarah is the very definition of a supporting character within the comics, but with an actress of Oduye's caliber taking on the role, it seems likely that Sam's little sister will play a much bigger role on-screen than she ever has in the Falcon's comic book arc. Still, it's worth exploring Sarah Wilson's comic book backstory before she makes her MCU debut in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Sarah and Sam Wilson's lives were marred by tragedy in the Marvel comics

In the comics, Sarah and Sam lose their parents in two separate random acts of violence. Their father, Reverend Paul Wilson, is murdered when he tries to intervene in a gang fight, while their mom, Darlene, dies in a mugging incident. This leaves Sam alone to raise his sister Sarah and their little brother Gideon.

For Sam, the sudden loss of his parents leads him down a dark path. In the aftermath of their death, he becomes a criminal known as "Snap," who Sarah disapproves of. Even though she's his younger sister, Sarah steps up when her brother becomes involved in criminal activities, leading to a bit of a role reversal in their relationship.

Eventually, all of Sam's memories of his time as "Snap" are erased by the Red Skull, much to his sister's relief. But in many ways, she never really stops taking care of her big brother, even after he loses all memory of his time spent as a criminal.

The Falcon's sister is a single mom with a young son

Later in life, Sarah marries a man with the surname Casper, and they have a son, Jody. Sadly, her husband dies when their son is still quite young, leaving Jody without a father figure. As he enters his teen years, Sarah's son begins to head down a dangerous path, much like Sam did, which leads to the Falcon stepping up to steer his nephew in the right direction.

Ultimately, a brush with the law inspires Jody to get his life back on track. But throughout everything, his mom and uncle never give up on him, proving just how strong the Wilson family ties are.

Given just how little is known about Sarah overall, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has plenty of leeway to take the character in any number of directions. Whether she ends up being a widowed mother whose big brother acts as a surrogate father to her son, or a concerned little sister who is always looking out for Sam, Oduye is sure to make the character her own.