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Details You Missed In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Super Bowl Trailer

It's a new day in the MCU, with fresh additions to the blockbuster franchise finally back on the menu after more than a year. And while WandaVision is currently hard at work kneading our brains into hexagon-shaped nuggets, we now have a new look at its sister series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, courtesy of a factory-fresh Super Bowl trailer.

Written and produced by Empire's Malcolm Spellman, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks set to pick up right where Endgame left off, with Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson dealing with the repercussions of having been granted the Captain America mantle. The stakes are high — shockingly so, considering that it's the story of a guy with a bulletproof arm and a guy with a bulletproof backpack struggling over who gets a bulletproof disc sled. The show looks set to reacquaint fans with the all-kicking, all-jetpacking best frenemies that they haven't caught up with since "Despacito" came out.

March 19 is still a ways off, and the Disney+ series is playing its cards close to the vest in terms of its plot. Still, let's take a look at what the series' big game spot had to offer in terms of hints at what's to come. Here are the small details you might have missed in the latest Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer.

Zemo's about to get some serious Helmut hair

Overall, the MCU has a remarkable track record when it comes to translating comic book costumes for the big screen, and doing so in a way that makes the characters look like part of an immersive and believable universe, Captain America's 2012 outfit notwithstanding. On the rare occasions where exceptions have been made, they've generally been the bad guys' problems — Arnim Zola has yet to show up as a malevolent Teletubby tummy screen, and Malekith's one appearance saw him absent his traditional Carolina Panthers stadium face paint.

The phenomenon was probably most noticeable in Captain America: Civil War, in which a freshly Sokovian Baron Helmut Zemo appeared missing not only his signature balaclava, but nearly any hint of a deep magenta color scheme. All of that looks set to change in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as the trailer gives us a glimpse at the vengeful tactician's new duds, including the winter headwear that's kept him so easy to spot in a crowd for more than 60 years of Marvel stories. Tellingly, we don't actually see the character's face in the promo, just his iconic mask hanging at his side.

In the comics, Zemo's headwear has served a few purposes. Sometimes it functions as housing for high tech equipment and nefarious gadgets, some versions of the character use it to hide a hideously scarred face a la Victor von Doom. There's no word yet on what inspires the MCU's Zemo to stretch a malevolent windsock over his gob, but one thing is certain: The thing looks cozy as all get out, right?

Lucky number 13

Don't blink or you might miss the brief butt-kicking appearance of one Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), the ever-mysterious Agent 13.

The super-spy and relative of the Agent Carter (Peggy, obviously), has been a part of the Captain America side of the MCU family ever since Captain America: The Winter Soldier, though she was conspicuously absent from both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. In fact, the last time we saw Agent 13 was in the Captain America threequel, Civil War.

Around the one-minute mark in the trailer we see her triumphant return, hooded and ready to brawl. When we last saw her, she was helping Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) out with a little CIA intelligence before locking lips with her Great Aunt Peggy's ex-boyfriend. Here, she seems to be set up in opposition to our titular heroes — so that should be a fun mess to untangle. No word yet on how she feels about Cap's shield passing to Sam, but more on that below.

Per Deadline, we've known for a while that VanCamp's Sharon Carter was destined to return to the fold in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but it wasn't until we saw her in action that we realized how much we've missed her.

Sharing the shield

We all know the symbolic significance of Captain America's shield. That little piece of star-spangled armor has quite the legacy — a legacy that Sam supposedly inherited from Steve Rogers. Early in the new trailer we see Sam holding the shield with great reverence in front of a giant Steve Rogers banner, but he's not the only person to touch its hallowed rim.

We know from past trailers that Captain America's succession plan will be at issue in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and that succession plan is likely symbolized by the passing of the shield. Not-so-coincidentally, during one flashy action sequence, Sam tosses the shield discus style to Bucky (Sebastian Stan), who catches the spinning weapon with aplomb. A figurative passing of the torch? Or more symbolic of the partnership between Sam and Bucky to follow in Steve Rogers' blue bootsteps?

We're guessing it's the latter, since it will likely take their combined powers to stand up to whomever the U.S. military believes should actually inherit the shield.