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The Ending Of Wynonna Earp Season 4, Episode 8 Explained

Having Wynonna Earp back feels like, in at least one small way, everything is right with the world again. The SYFY hit returned last week from a COVID-driven mid-season hiatus, and wasted no time serving up the bonkers, deliciously chaotic shenanigans fans have come to adore and expect.

An encounter between Waverly and a stripper with glitter-fueled Cupid powers created romantic messes. Nicole Haught got extra hot for Waverly, the homophobic Bunny Loblaw finally softened toward the couple while spell-induced crushing on Waverly and finding a potential real-life spark with Sheriff Nedley, and Wynonna was forced to confront how much she loves and misses Doc — who still won't forgive her for killing Hoyt Clanton. Speaking of the Clantons, a pep talk Doc gave a lone surviving Clanton, Cleo, had an unintended consequence: Cleo declared she's going to take down Doc and the Earps herself. Also, Wynonna used sex to deal with her pain, sleeping with frenemy Amon, and Nicole and Waverly compromised on the scale of their wedding (medium). The only thing missing from last week's episode was adorkable government agent scientist Jeremy Chetri, who's been scarce this season.

Luckily, Jeremy returned in tonight's episode, the eighth of the season. The episode, entitled "Hell Raisin' Good Time," picks up where last week left off. Wynonna wakes up naked at Amon's bar. She dons a stage curtain for a walk of shame to the BBD office (instead of home for some reason). There, a few scenes later, Jeremy joins her with news from what's left of Black Badge: the in-over-her-head director fell apart and was replaced by her assistant, and there's frustration Wynonna hasn't held up her promise to BBD and delivered any demons recently.

In the world of Purgatory, it's Halloween, which provides the context for the crazy, scary events of the episode. Though much of the episode is even more chaotic than usual, there are major revelations and game-changing moments. Here's everything you need to know about the ending of the latest episode of Wynonna Earp.

The coming WayHaught wedding sends Nicole on a trip and has Wynonna upset

Early in the episode, Nicole leaves for a shopping trip she says involves a white dress. This seemingly debunks fan notions that Nicole will wear a suit to the WayHaught wedding. However, Waverly says she'd happily see Nicole wear her Stetson cowgirl hat at the wedding—yay for Earpers who've long been requesting the return of Nicole's season 1 Stetson. When Nicole returns from shopping, she's wearing her Stetson. That and the way Waverly reacts to seeing Nicole in it, suggests Nicole might just get married in something Stetson-appropriate after all. Moreover, that plus how Nicole pulls Waverly away from Wynonna, hints that her trip wasn't really about getting a dress.

The other issue related to the WayHaught wedding that emerged this episode is how Wynonna's handling it. While she and Waverly hunt for a tool to take down a murderous Jack-O-Lantern scarecrow demon, Rotten Jack, she mopes about the wedding like the sad sack. Later, after the Rotten Jack saga moves Wynonna and Waverly to reflect on their childhood and sisterhood, Waverly says she's marrying Nicole, but Wynonna is her sister and hero and nothing will change that. Wynonna expresses her own unwavering devotion and her approval of Nicole, but is clearly still pained by the thought of being left alone.

This reminds the Earps of Doc, who recently spoke of his "greatest love of all," though he didn't get specific. Since he mentions his daughter in the same sentence, I don't think he means her. He could mean his mortality, or some other conceptual or inanimate thing, but it's likely he means Wynonna. Perhaps the WayHaught wedding will drive the star-crossed lovers back together.

We're more likely to find out what Nicole's maybe-shopping-secret is first, but here's to both reveals, if and whenever they come.

We finally learn more about the garden and Purgatory situation

After five episodes of not knowing what happened with the garden and creepy Eve after Waverly, Doc, and Wynonna escaped — and what happened in Purgatory in their absence — we finally got some answers.

It turns out stopping Rotten Jack without sending him to hell — so BBD can study him — requires an extractor demon named Casey, whom Wynonna knows. But when Wynonna and Waverly found Casey, he fled them in fear of confronting Jack. While chasing Casey, the sisters stepped into a mysterious fog, and promptly forgot their identities — creating an EPIC Halloween-bolstered take on the body swap trope. After rescuing the Earps from their memory loss (more on this soon), Jeremy finally fesses up to Wynonna.

The mysterious fog is believed to be from the garden. It warps memory and too much exposure can be irreversible. When BBD evacuated the town, Jeremy was restrained but Robin was not. Jeremy asked Robin to escape BBD and find the Earps. Robin became trapped in the fog for weeks and by the time he was rescued, he'd torn his face off. The serum BBD created to help people recover mentally didn't initially fix Robin, but Jeremy has been slipping him serum weekly to see if it gradually helps. Then Jeremy says the fog is spreading. We had fun, sexy, pink fog, so why not un-fun, cruel, white fog?

What's this all mean? Well, for one, the writers didn't forget about Robin. It suggests Robin actor Justin Kelly was intentionally written off. Why? As far as we know, he wasn't fired, so perhaps it's COVID-related or he was too busy with another role. Alas, Justin, you will be missed, but at least we have answers. What Jeremy's news also means is that the show has finally returned to a narrative that's loomed since the Clantons took over as big bad in episode 3 of season 4. The fog explains the "BBD barrier" that's alluded to force Purgatory residents to cope with a demon influx. Also, if the fog came from the garden, it's likely Eve got out and has been loose in the real world all this time. It seems we'll soon learn more about the garden and what's up with shape-shifting Eve.

Amon may be Eve, and a problem for Angel Waverly

Speaking of Eve, when the gang met Amon shortly after escaping the garden, fans thought he might be Eve in disguise. He certainly seemed evil, but quickly charmed fans and positioned himself as an ally to Doc and Wynonna. That all changed in episode 8, however.

When Amon learns of the Earp sisters' memory loss, he lures them to his bar where he's live-streaming to demons worldwide a betting game about Rotten Jack's murder spree. They have cards representing who he'll kill — among them, a mother, healer, and an angel. Amon then dresses Wynonna and Waverly up in new costumes — Wynonna as Wonder Woman and Waverly as an angel — restrains them, and offers them up to be killed by the highest bidder. Just after Jeremy arrives as a bidder in disguise and gives the sisters the memory restoring serum, demon magic reveals Jack's next victim: an angel. When Jack appears in the room, Amon realizes there must be a real angel present, but he becomes preoccupied with fleeing the bar and locking everyone else in with Jack.

With these acts, Amon proves himself a true villain. He quickly gets treated as such, as Doc captures him and serves him up to his demon employees as a cruel boss who left them to die, and who's hindered their freedom. Doc leaves Amon to their wrath.

However, we don't see Amon actually die, and everyone knows an off-camera "death" likely isn't really a death. This could be the lead-up to Amon being revealed as Eve or some other garden evil. Besides the off-camera TV death rule, it's a logical assumption we haven't seen the last of Amon yet because of the angel situation. Waverly being an angel has been a well-kept secret, and fans have basically been waiting for her angelhood to be a bigger deal. Amon likely made a Jack-Waverly-angel connection. Thus, he may stick around as the anticipated angel-related threat — Eve-connected or otherwise.