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The Supernatural Mystery Thriller That's Crushing It On Netflix

Thanks to Netflix's ever-changing list of movies, there's always something new to watch. One of the most recent drops is the supernatural mystery thriller The Block Island Sound. Originally released in August 2020, the film made its way to Netflix this month, and it's already in the top 10 movies in the U.S.

The Block Island Sound stars Chris Sheffield as Harry, the son of a fisherman named Tom (Neville Archambault) who slowly descends into madness as strange environmental phenomena start to occur on the island they live on. When Harry's sister Audry (Michaela McManus), who works at the Environmental Protection Agency, and her daughter Emily (Matilda Lawler) arrive on the island to investigate the peculiar wildlife events, they quickly find that they're also in danger.

Described as everything from a sci-fi action film to an aquatic horror-slash-government conspiracy flick, fans can at least agree on one thing: The Block Island Sound will have you on the edge of your seat until the bitter end.

Rave reviews all around

Since The Block Island Sound was first released late 2020, there's already been a bit of buzz online. Kalyn Corrigan of /Film gave the movie a rating of 8/10, calling it "... an extremely well executed directorial feat from brothers Kevin and Matthew McManus, who stealthily lead their viewers down one foreseeable path, only to throw a wrench in the system and abandon ship midway through." Corrigan added, "It's a bold and unique narrative, one that's risky because it makes it difficult to pitch and even harder to review without spoiling all of the surprises at the end." Michelle Swope of Dread Central noted, "The film skillfully creates an ongoing sense of uneasiness and grim visuals ramp up the feeling of terror the story invokes."

The Block Island Sound currently has a 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes, where other critics have also been doling out praise. If you're looking for a psychologically thrilling movie with new twists on old genres, you may want to add it to your watchlist.