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The American Horror Story: Asylum Moment That Brought Fans To Tears

American Horror Story has seen a lot of death in the last nine seasons (which can be easily ranked from worst to best), and while some fan-favorite characters may not stay dead for long, others are more permanently bound to the afterlife. On the other hand, there are a lot of villains in AHS, and their deaths aren't so mourned. Because AHS characters tend to be so complex, antagonists can change their ways when viewers least expect it, which leads fans to flip the script on how they feel about them in at least a few cases.

In season 2, subtitled Asylum, there's a lot of tragedy and a lot of evil. A handful of characters meet their ends in this season — timely or otherwise — but there's one particular death that fans still have a hard time with. If Sister Jude's (Jessica Lange) final moments from American Horror Story: Asylum had you reaching for a box of tissues, then it's fair to say you weren't alone.

Sister Jude's final moments

Despite her early success as a model, Jessica Lange is now widely known for her iconic roles on AHS, where she expertly plays the most vicious and self-evolved "human" character in each season she's been in. After her role as the ruthless Constance Langdon in Murder House, she took on the role of Sister Jude Martin in Asylum. Sister Jude is stern and often hides behind religion to justify her sadistic behavior. She goes through a major transformation once she falls from her post as the head nun at the asylum, and becomes a patient herself. After being framed for the murder of Frank McCann (Fredric Lehne), she is admitted as a patient of Briarcliff, and slowly descends into madness.

Toward the end of the season, Jude is taken in by Kit Walker (Evan Peters), and it seems like she's on the right path to getting her life back, but her traumatic time at Briarcliff comes back to haunt her. Even though she recovers, she passes away six months later as a result of Shachath's kiss. This particular scene is devastatingly sad because just as Jude finally overcomes her issues, she's taken away from us.