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The Shameless Storyline That Absolutely Disgusts Fans

Longtime fans of the gritty drama series Shameless know that there have been some pretty horrible moments throughout the show's 11-season run. From multiple questionable relationships to lying and even attempted murder, the complicated dynamics of the Gallagher family are one of the most thrilling aspects of the series. But that doesn't mean that sometimes even Shameless devotees are left shocked at the extreme situations the family members find themselves in. 

The man behind some of the most awful storylines is none other than patriarch Frank Gallagher himself, portrayed by William H. Macy. Known as many things — an alcoholic, a con-man, an absent father — but most famous for his consistent lack of morals, Frank often makes self-centered decisions that land him in trouble. One of the worst situations he gets himself into is also one that fans are absolutely disgusted by, and Frank's apparent lack of remorse makes the whole thing so much worse.

When Frank met Dottie

In Shameless season 2, Frank attempts to woo a former bar patron named Dottie (Molly Price), also known as "Butterface" due to her less-than-perfect looks. The motivation behind this decision? Dottie is terminally ill, and Frank sees this as an opportunity to seduce her and get her money. Unfortunately for Frank, Dottie refuses to get intimate with him, as her failing heart will give out if she exerts herself.

One fateful day, Frank answers Dottie's phone on her behalf while she's showering. What should have been good news of a donor match so Dottie could have a heart transplant turns into a disgusting moment of selfishness. Frank lies to the doctor, saying Dottie has already passed away. When Dottie learns that she didn't get approved for the transplant (which is, as we know, completely untrue), she becomes devastated to the point that she offers Frank two thousand dollars to help her kill herself. Not only does Frank take up Dottie's offer without too much of a fight, but he also goes about it in a shocking way. They consummate their relationship, ultimately ending in Dottie's death.

If it wasn't bad enough that Frank went to such lengths to get a dying woman's government pension, the fact that he agreed to help her kill herself (also due to his own selfish manipulation) in a way that was still self-serving is just the icing on top. Frank has never been an angel, but this moment left fans with a whole new level of disgust at his willingness to do whatever it takes for a bit of cash.