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Over 50% Of Fans Agree That This Is The Best Space Comedy Of All Time

Science fiction fans can be incredibly divisive when it comes to space films. The mixed responses that happen after pretty much every Star Wars movie since the original trilogy are evidence enough that for many people, interstellar cinema is very serious business. However, when it comes to a science fiction comedy, there is no bad blood. Even though there are dozens of amazing space comedy movies, the conflicts between fan bases are far lesser — everyone can get along. This may be because a good majority of them are in agreement.

Looper conducted an online survey with over 123,000 participants to find out what movie they considered the greatest space comedy of all time. The answers came in overwhelmingly toward one film in particular, with 56 percent of the total vote going to Guardians of the Galaxy. The extremely popular Marvel movie managed to outmaneuver older genre classics like Galaxy Quest to secure itself a confident victory.

When it comes to space comedies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe reigns supreme

The popularity of the MCU and its constituent films needs no introduction. It can't be much of a surprise that it beat out its competitors by a healthy margin. That being said, the die-hard fans of classic, old school space comedies put up a good fight: Spaceballs, the 1987 Star Wars parody, was Guardians of the Galaxy's highest contender, with 28 percent of the vote. That's over 30 thousand votes in favor of the classic Mel Brooks film.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Quest took third place, with 8 percent of the overall votes cast in its favor. This mighty classic starring Tim Allen was dwarfed by its competitors, except for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which finished at 6 percent. For those who think that's pitiful, remember that it means at least 7,000 people chose that movie as their top space comedy of all time. Looking at those numbers alone more than proves that old classics still get some love.

What makes Guardians of the Galaxy so special?

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the highest grossing films in history. As reported by Time Magazine, it made over $700 million and was 2014's highest grossing film in the domestic box office. It was a smash hit. It makes sense that a lot of people would name it as the best space comedy of all time, as the film took the world by storm and even sparked renewed nostalgia for some of classic rock's best hits.

Guardians of the Galaxy also has the benefit of being an essential part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's timeline, so many people's appreciation for the film isn't limited to the film itself. It works on an entirely bigger level than many other space comedies, because it's judged for how it fits in with a much larger universe, while simultaneously being self-contained enough to be enjoyed on its own merits. Whether this is an unfair advantage or not is up to the individual, but most people seem to see it as a positive.