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Evil Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Trailer - What We Know So Far

Broadcast television was in dire need of a truly creepy but engaging supernatural horror series when Robert and Michelle King's Evil debuted on CBS in the fall of 2019. Word of the show's excellence quickly spread, and it became one of the must-see shows of the season, earning an early season 2 renewal in the process.

The series stars Mike Colter and Katja Herbers as David and Kristen, a priest-in-training and skeptical forensic psychologist, respectively, as they investigate supernatural occurrences on behalf of the Catholic Church. The duo is often assisted in their efforts by Aasif Mandvi's Ben, who serves as a technical expert offering scientific explanations for phenomena that seem to be of supernatural origins.

Given the long wait between seasons (Evil's season 1 finale aired in January 2020), we've had plenty of time to scour the internet for clues about the show's second season. Here's everything we know so far about Evil season 2.

When will Evil season 2 premiere?

CBS renewed Evil in October 2019, approximately one month after the show's debut. But like most TV shows, Evil was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. When CBS first announced its 2020-2021 lineup in May 2020, it fully expected Evil to return in the fall, revealing it was slated to air Thursdays at 10/9c. Obviously that did not happen, and winter has nearly also passed us by without so much as a peep from the network.

However, there is some good news to be had. We know the show has been filming season 2 during the pandemic because the cast has been posting photos to social media. Meanwhile, in an Instagram post dated early January, star Katja Herbers actually revealed that Evil would return "this spring" (and likely hit Netflix "a while" after). It's not exactly a premiere date, and we may have to remain in the dark a bit longer. On April 20, star Mike Colter shared another pic to Instagram from the set of Evil season 2. From the shot, the show appears to still be in production, so any speculation about a potential release date is premature.

Who is in the cast of Evil's second season?

It should go without saying that Mike Colter and Katja Herbers will be reprising their roles in season 2 as David and Kristen, respectively — someone has to figure out if the latter is now possessed after picking up a rosary in the season 1 finale and finding that it burned her hand! Much of the rest of the cast from season 1 is returning as well. Aasif Mandvi will be back as Ben, and according to co-creator Robert King, we're going to learn a bit more about his character in season 2.

"Ben is a fascinating character, as is [Aasif Mandvi] as an actor. I think we're going to meet his father [next season]," King told Entertainment Weekly shortly after the season 1 finale. "We're definitely going to continue the relationship [between Ben and Vanessa, played by Nicole Shalhoub]. As someone who is scientifically based, how do you deal with a girlfriend who really thinks that she needs to detach herself from a phantom sister? There's a town upstate New York that deals with psychic phenomenon and fortune telling, so to see Ben go to this place with his girlfriend to try and solve it is kind of funny to us. Most of it will be things that bring Ben a little bit more to the forefront."

Elsewhere, look for Michael Emerson to return as Leland, Christine Lahti to reprise her role as Kristen's mother, Sheryl, and Kurt Fuller to be back as Kristen's therapist, Dr. Boggs, per TV Guide.

What is the plot of Evil season 2? And where can I watch the trailer?

Although there is no official trailer for Evil season 2 yet — we're hoping that CBS will release one soon — the cast read lines from episodes of season 2 over Zoom last fall and those line readings were then cut into a semi-trailer, complete with plenty of stock footage to stand in for the lack of actual footage since production had been delayed.

The trailer, which was released as part of the show's virtual panel during New York Comic Con in October 2020, hinted at trouble for Kristen after she seemingly killed the serial killer Orson LeRoux (Darren Pettie) once he started harassing her and her children. It also revealed that Michael Emerson's Leland wants an exorcism ahead of his wedding to Kristen's mother and that he was only using her to get to her daughter.

The entire trailer is edited in such a way that it mimics the tropes and aesthetics of a traditional TV show trailer, playing up the drama and suspense almost for laughs. It is really fun and featured enough information regarding what's to come that it pleased fans of the show at the time, but it's been months since the trailer was released and everyone is now getting a little bit impatient. Hopefully, we'll see some actual footage soon. Until then, you can always rewatch season 1 on Netflix.