What Ink Master Contestants Had To Do If They Wanted To Party

For 13 seasons, the best tattoo artists in the country have gathered together to determine who's worthy of calling themselves a true "Ink Master." To test their skills, a collection of judges, including some very special guests, grade their talents with multiple challenges designed to see how well they handle line work, shading, and texturing, and with another season on the horizon, there will be plenty more fantastic, horrendous, and average tattoos coming to our TV screens soon. However, some of the more memorable moments over the show's run took place outside of the studio when the contestants would go back to the shared house.

A lot of personalities congregated under one roof, which often led to clashes and people getting into one another's faces. Such confrontations were likely aided by the fact that copious amounts of alcohol could frequently be spotted in the background of those shots. It really seems like they were trapped there without much recourse to go somewhere else for an evening to blow off some steam if necessary.

Now, one contestant has shed some light into what it's really like to live at the Ink Master house. Some details about the series may be fake, but the one thing that's all too true is the contract contestants have to sign and abide by.

Contestants were carefully escorted any time they went out to do anything

A Reddit thread recently caught on when one Ink Master fan wanted to know what people on the series had to do if they wanted to party or do anything else outside of the scope of the show. Redditor u/Ponnyc, who we've surmised to be season 12 tattoo artist Pon, based on his social media history, actually chimed in to offer some perspective of what it's like to be on the show when the cameras aren't rolling. He pretty much confirms what anyone would think by stating, "We weren't allowed to leave [whatsoever] on our own." 

He goes on to talk about how if they were going to go out, they would be carefully supervised. The women got taken to have their hair and nails done every so often, and the guys would be taken to a barbershop to keep up their looks. Pon added, "On 2 occasions one being Valentine's Day and I don't remember the other.. think random snow day, they brought us in 2 split groups to the movies." Basically, it sounds as though there was never a situation where everyone left in the house would go do something together, which makes sense. After all, if someone were to get a picture of the final five contestants, everyone would know who makes it to the Top Five before that season's premiere episode even has a chance to air. 

For people who did want to drink and party, they'd have to do so at the designated house. Pon concludes, "Other than that they literally kept us in all the food and booze ( I'm straight edge lol) that we could ever want." No doubt that kept things lively during their off time to where they didn't really need any outside entertainment. 

If you dream of being a contestant on a future season of Ink Master, there are two things you better be ready for: The best tattoo artist may not necessarily win, and you should get used to your co-stars because there's nowhere else to go.