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New Godzilla Vs. Kong Posters Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Creating a movie poster is a difficult tightrope to walk. The image needs to get audiences excited for an upcoming movie without spoiling too much — like these spoiler movie posters — but it also needs to be as eye-catching as possible. Sometimes a movie poster is a symbolic piece of art, and other times it sacrifices logic for the sake of looking awesome. Moreover, posters are designed to cater to audiences of a given regional market, so some nations receive unique posters that don't always make it stateside. Case in point, Godzilla vs. Kong.

Godzilla vs. Kong's upcoming release is currently looming over fans who love giant monster brawls, so audiences around the internet are busy searching for any information that could potentially leak or spoil key events. Even though Godzilla is a Japanese creation and King Kong hails from the United States, China has become a treasure trove of info, since Godzilla vs. Kong will release there on March 26, according to Variety. Meanwhile, Variety reports that the movie's U.S. release has been pushed back to March 31. The latest teaser to emerge from China is a series of posters that potentially reveal two incredible looking scenes. Don't worry, they don't feature MechaGodzilla.

Will Godzilla vs. Kong feature one fight by land, two fights by sea?

Most of Godzilla vs. Kong's trailers show the titans fighting on even, grounded footing. But China's most recent movie posters seem to indicate not all of their fights will take place on dry land. Ever since Godzilla vs. Kong media started circulating, the image of Godzilla and King Kong trading blows atop an aircraft carrier has become synonymous with the movie. But, one new poster for China reveals — via the film's official Twitter account — what would (or will) happen when the fight continues on Godzilla's turf. The image shows Godzilla and Kong going at it, fully submerged beneath the waves, and surrounded by sinking ships. While Godzilla is a proficient swimmer, Kong is known more for climbing towers, so fans who wonder how he would get out of the scenario may have to watch the movie to find out.

The second Chinese poster, meanwhile, displays a slightly more fair fight in a harbor. Sure, Godzilla and Kong are surrounded by water, but, at least this time,  their feet presumably touch the ground. And judging by the poster, Kong is getting some support in the form of a handful of missiles flying Godzilla's way. Whether these posters depict real scenes from the movie or are simply artistically laying out incredible visuals remains to be seen.