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Younger Season 7 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

One of television's buzziest shows is set to air its last season in 2021.

Darren Star's TVLand series, Younger, has thrilled viewers for several years and seven seasons, but after a whirlwind journey through New York City's publishing scene, the show is finishing its run with its seventh season this year. The series tells the story of Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), who struggles to find a job in publishing after leaving the workforce eighteen years earlier to raise her daughter and become a housewife. However, after a messy divorce, Liza finds herself living in Brooklyn with her best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar) and ends up committing to a huge lie, pretending that she's just twenty six years old to get a job as a lowly assistant to Empirical Publishing bigwig Diana Trout (Miriam Shor).

Throughout the series, Liza enters into romantic entanglements with young, handsome tattoo artist Josh (Nico Tortorella) and her "older," handsome boss Charles (Peter Hermann), becomes best friends with fellow publisher Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and PR pro Lauren (Molly Bernard), and successfully hides the fact that she's actually forty... for the most part. Now that the final season of Younger is officially on the way, there's sure to be plenty of drama and spilled secrets yet to come. From the cast to the plot to the release date, here's everything we know about the seventh and final season of Younger.

When will the seventh season of Younger come out?

Before we get into the actual release date, there's one important piece of information about Younger that fans need to know: for its final season, the series will change networks. Though Younger will still air on TVLand eventually, it will premiere first on Paramount+.

If that name doesn't look familiar to you, it's because it's a part of a massive rebrand. Formerly known as CBS All Access — the exclusive home to shows like The Good Fight and Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot — Paramount+ will be home to a ton of new content, including the last season of Younger, which will run for 12 episodes. According to TV Line, the first four of those episodes will hit the fledgeling streamer simultaneously on April 15. The remaining episodes in the final order will drop weekly on Thursdays after that, and — per TV Line's reporting — also be available on Hulu on the same schedule.

Younger won't be the only draw for people thinking about signing up for Paramount+; the recently announced Rugrats reboot, several different Star Trek projects, the latest take on Stephen King's The Stand, and plenty of other exciting shows will call Paramount+ their new home.

Who will appear in Younger season 7?

The entire core cast of Younger, including Foster, Duff, Hermann, Shor, Mazar, Tortorella, and Bernard, is set to appear in the final season of the series, alongside Charles Michael Davis, who plays Kelsey's competitor and love interest Zane Andrews. However, at least two of those stars have been downgraded to "recurring" status for the final season as a result of COVID-related production delays that caused cascading scheduling difficulties. Miriam Shor and Charles Michael Davis both fall into this boat (via TV Line).

To fill in the gaps, some of the show's previous guest stars may very well pop up, especially ones who proved crucial during the sixth season. Jennifer Westfeldt, who plays Charles' jilted ex-wife Pauline, will almost certainly reprise her role... especially considering that she dealt a huge blow to Liza by revealing her real age to the entire publishing world at the end of the sixth season. Other popular guest stars including Tessa Albertson (Liza's college-age daughter Caitlin), Michael Urie (author manager Redmond), Kathy Najimy (Lauren's over involved mother Denise), and Paul Fitzgerald (Liza's ex-husband David), among others, might return for the last season to stir up drama, and all in all, there's no telling who could come back for one last round.

What will happen in the last season of Younger?

Based on the short teaser released to announce Younger's move to Paramount+, there's still plenty of intrigue in store for Liza and the gang, much of which will obviously hinge on the reveal of Liza's secret. Though many of the series' main characters slowly learned about Liza's real age over the course of the series, Pauline's shocking — and very public — announcement will almost definitely cause professional problems for Liza going forward. When you also factor in that season six ended with Charles proposing to Liza — without showing us Liza's answer — there's definitely a lot of unanswered questions ahead.

As for the show's supporting players, season six saw a lot of changes for them as well. The season ends with Diana's wedding to her plumber boyfriend, Enzo (Chris Tardio), Josh is embarking on a new lucrative venture with his tattoo shop, Inkburg, and Lauren has launched her own public relations company. Meanwhile, after Charles steps down as the public face of Empirical Publishing, he offers his board seat and position to Kelsey, who was looking for a job elsewhere; she readily accepts and rejoins the Empirical family.

The seventh and final season of Younger will premiere in 2021 on Paramount+.