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Why Agent Carter From NCIS: NOLA Looks Familiar

During the second half of NCIS: NOLA's sixth season, the Crescent City crime fighting squad and viewers were introduced to a brand new member of the team. Agent Quentin Carter (Charles Michael Davis) made waves with his debut when he confidently strolled into the squad room and took over the desk of dearly departed Agent LaSalle (Lucas Black).

Some fans were put off by the new character's introduction, while others embraced his no-nonsense attitude and the way he approached his relationship to squad leader Dwayne Cassius Pride (Scott Bakula). As Davis himself said of his role in an interview with TV Insider, "The producers said they were looking for a character to not be a protégé to Pride, but to carry his own weight. Carter's not there to be liked by Pride, win his favor or just agree with him."

Whether you appreciated Agent Carter's confidence or were put off by his arrogance, considering how quickly he was given series regular status, it seems he'll be with us for a while. Now, if you're wondering where else you've seen Davis, we've got you covered with a breakdown of some of his other notable roles.

Charles Michael Davis had a controversial stint on Grey's Anatomy

NCIS: NOLA wasn't the first time Davis was brought onto a beloved and long running show to play a controversial new character. On season 9 of Grey's Anatomy, fans were introduced to Dr. Jason Myers, whose good looks and cocky demeanor garnered him the nickname Chest Peckwell. Dr. Myers was introduced as a love interest for Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington), and therefore an antagonist for Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

Dr. Myers and Dr. Wilson had a brief but tumultuous relationship that ended with Dr. Myers in the hospital after an argument with Jo spiraled into acts of domestic violence. The storyline was controversial, and left many fans less than eager to see Dr. Myers return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After agreeing not to press charges against Jo, he vanished from the world of Grey's Anatomy forever, giving that very sensitive storyline a rather abrupt ending.

Even if they were glad to see him go, fans were likely confused about why such a major new character left the show so suddenly. The likely reason Davis wasn't seen on the medical soap again was because of another big role that came the actor's way around that time.

Charles Michael Davis was a vampire king on The Originals

Davis' skill at playing confident and complex characters helped him out when he joined the cast of the Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals after leaving Grey's Anatomy. The actor took on the role of Marcel Gerard, the leader of the New Orleans vampires, who was born into slavery in the 19th century before being turned into a vampire and working his way up through the ranks. Gerard's imposing persona made him seem like a possible villain when he was first introduced to viewers; however, as the series progressed, it became clear that Gerard had a strong moral compass, despite often turning to violence as a means to an end.

As Davis put it in an interview with TV Guide, above all else, Gerard was just trying to help those who live under his jurisdiction to get by. "That's always been his goal," the actor said, "to be king of the city and maintain peace." His frequent conflicts with other supernatural entities on the show, most notably certain members of the Mikaelson clan, were in service of this mission, even when things got literally dicey.

Davis starred on The Originals for all five seasons it was on the air. When the show began to wind down, he was brought in as a guest star on another series that could not have been more different in its vibe and setting.

Charles Michael Davis romanced Hillary Duff on Younger

Although there's not quite as much literal blood spilling, the world of New York City publishing rivalries does bear some similarities to the centuries long vampire feuds of The Originals. So, it was fitting when Davis joined the Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff dramedy Younger in the show's fourth season. As Zane Anders, an editor who eventually got hired on at Empirical Press and became the on-again, off-again romantic partner of Duff's character Kelsey, Davis got an opportunity to put his natural charisma to use in an entirely different setting than fans of his work had seen him in before.

Despite often playing characters with a penchant for rubbing people the wrong way, Davis had no trouble getting along with his Younger castmates in the real world. When asked about his onscreen chemistry with Duff during an interview with South Africa's Channel 24, Davis said, "Hilary is very down to earth and fun... and I enjoyed working with her from the start. We just started talking, and she was easy to chat with... that helps offscreen to form the relationship onscreen."

So, even if you were put off by Agent Carter's introduction as Agent Carter, take solace in the fact that the cast of NCIS: NOLA is probably thrilled to be working with someone with Davis' charms.