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Why June From Sons Of Anarchy Was The Absolute Worst

Sons of Anarchy featured some terrifying characters over its seven-season run, from the violently manipulative likes of Ethan Zobelle and Harold Perrineau's Damon Pope to the conniving Lee Toric. But there's only one villain who really gets under the club's skin — ATF agent June Stahl (Ally Walker). Everything she did in her crusade against the gang wasn't out of a sense of righteousness or because she thought she was morally above them — no, it was all for personal gain.

Her most memorable scheme arrived in Kurt Sutter's explosive first season, when she framed Opie Winston (R.I.P.) for being an informant in the club. This led Clay Morrow (a backstabbing villain himself) to order a drive-by hit on Opie in the style of a rival gang, the One-Niners, to avoid causing a rift in SAMCRO. But after a last-minute change of plans, Donna was executed by Tig, who thought he was shooting at Opie. Eventually this mix-up would come back to haunt June in season 3.

Fast-forward to season 2, and June had set her sights on a bigger fish connected to the club: the True IRA. Stahl ends up dangling various deals over both Jax Teller and Chibs Telford, even threatening to reveal Chibs as a rat to the IRA if he didn't cooperate — meaning his wife and daughter would also be put firmly in the crosshairs. But her villainy didn't stop there. June accidentally murdered Edmond Hayes and framed Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) for the shooting. She really enjoys making people out to be something they're not, huh?

A kidnapped baby, framing Jax Teller, and her execution

Well, thanks to June's devious plans, not only does Edmond Hayes' father kill Half-Sack in retaliation for his son's death, but he even kidnaps Jax's baby son, Abel, before fleeing back to Ireland. The season 2 finale sent the club on a transatlantic mission to save Abel in season 3. But the dramatic events meant June was pulled off the IRA case by her superiors, spelling trouble for her once-promising career.

As she attempted to save her job, Stahl even murdered her partner (and lover) Agent Amy Tyler, framing her meant Gemma wouldn't go to prison for the death of Edmond Hayes back in season 2. She did so thinking Jax would give her information on the IRA... Oh, how wrong you were, June. In her final attempt to split SAMCRO in half, the ATF agent tried to reveal Jax as a rat to the club, not knowing the rest of the bikers were in on Jax's plan from the start.

Thankfully, the gang finally managed to get rid of Stahl once and for all in a way that gave Opie a small amount of closure for Donna's death. And with a little help from everyone's favorite corrupt cop, Wayne Unser, Opie executed the ATF agent. The bereaved biker shot her in the back of the head with a MAC-10 — the same way Donna was murdered. Stahl had buckets of blood on her hands, so it's good riddance if you ask us.