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The Alienist Season 3 - What We Know So Far

With a trio of well-written heroes and a never-ending list of grizzly cases to investigate, it seemed like TNT's The Alienist had the potential to run for several seasons. The series followed psychiatrist Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brühl) as he solves horrific murders alongside Luke Evans' illustrator, John Moore, and Dakota Fanning's ambitious NYPD secretary, Sara Howard.

Audiences lapped up the gritty thriller while many critics praised the relatable themes that were woven into the compelling mysteries. It even got a second wave of attention thanks to its international release on Netflix. But many were caught off guard by the ending to The Alienist: Angel of Darkness.

The season 2 finale saw the indomitable team go their separate ways after solving the mystery behind the Spanish Consular's missing baby. With Kreizler leaving for Vienna with Karen Stratton, Sara forming her own detective agency and John expecting a baby with his fiancé Violet, it would surely take a particularly gruesome case to reunite them all in a future season.

What's the release date for The Alienist season 3?

It's been quite a while since The Alienist: Angel of Darkness wrapped up its eight-episode run on TNT, with the dramatic finale airing on August 9, 2020. Unfortunately, since there's been no news on whether The Alienist season 3 has been given the green light or if it's been canceled by the network. Usually, if a series is popular enough to warrant another installment, networks are keen to keep the momentum going. 

Obviously, the last year has been a particularly trying time for the film and TV industry, so it's possible that TNT is waiting until normality is a little closer before announcing The Alienist season 3. So, although it might be disheartening that it hasn't been given the go ahead, take comfort from the fact that it hasn't been canceled either! However, even if The Alienist season 3 starts production in the near future, it would still be eyeing a 2022 release date.

Who will be in the cast of The Alienist season 3?

Depending on the direction of The Alienist season 3, presumably the network would want to continue following the characters audiences have fallen for over the two seasons so far. And the stars themselves are clearly interested in reprising their roles, as Luke Evans told Collider last year that he loves playing John Moore.

"They all have the potential to carry a storyline again, further and further — some other story, some other plot, some other twist, some other murder, some other sinister subject matter. I love playing John. If that happened, then yeah, it'd be great."

If Luke Evans is onboard for season 3, chances are Daniel Brühl and Dakota Fanning would be too — since they all have an excellent on-screen dynamic. If TNT does wait a little longer to return to The Alienist, maybe bringing in another well-known star to go up against the trio as a killer or a villain would help draw more eyes to the series.

What will The Alienist season 3 be about?

If The Alienist season 3 does get the green light from TNT, it's possible that it'll delve into new territory from the writers of the show rather than the next book from Caleb Carr. The third novel in the Kreizler series, titled Surrender, New York, is set in the present day rather than the 19th century and follows Dr. Trajan Jones as he brings his controversial methods to a rural town. The only real connection to the characters of the first two books is that Jones happens to be an expert on Kreizler's life and his work.

But as Variety reported back in 2017, Surrender, New York has already been commissioned for a series from Fox. It's possible that in the time since the project's conception, that the rights could have changed hands but it seems unlikely at the moment. If TNT did adapt Surrender, New York into The Alienist season 3, it could easily use flashbacks to the original cast to help tell its modern story.

If not, then the writers would have to come up with an entirely new idea for the series or focus on other members of the supporting cast. Our choice? Give Bitsy Sussman the spotlight as she takes over the detective agency from Sara Howard. Unfortunately, only time will tell if TNT wants to see more from The Alienist or not.