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Who Would Win In A Fight Between The Boys' Stormfront And Maeve?

Sure, the selling point of The Boys is regular people without special abilities taking down corrupt and depraved superheroes, but Supe v. Supe fights are also viciously entertaining. However, there's one hero audiences deserve to see more from: Queen Maeve. The hero is constantly overshadowed by Homelander's disturbing, possessive obsession with her, but occasionally, the warrior gets her chance to shine.

She took on Stormfront during season 2 finale in the incredible "girls get it done" fight, which definitely beats that moment in Avengers: Endgame by a long shot. It felt well-earned and was definitely cathartic in a peak-2020 kind of way. But how would Maeve fare in a one-on-one fight against the Nazi villain without the help from fellow Supes Starlight and Kimiko? The answer might not be so straightforward. Sure, Stormfront might have more powerful abilities — but Maeve already knows how to navigate dangerous Supes in a way that gets her out of trouble. She's managed to keep Homelander at bay for quite some time, even protecting her girlfriend Elena from his threats.

If the fight was based purely on morals, Queen Maeve would come out on top every time simply because, well, she's not a Nazi. And while she struggles with her own personal demons, like alcoholism and being emotionally unavailable for her loved ones, Maeve still strives to be a better person like she's perceived to be by the rest of the world. Unfortunately, having upstanding morals does little good against purple lightning strikes.

Stormfront's powers give her an edge

Since Aya Cash's Stormfront was the first-ever Supe created by Frederick Vought sometime before the end of World War II, it's clear her abilities are a little more impressive than the typical depraved superhuman. Aside from her decreased aging, Stormfront can fly and blast purple lightning bolts from her hands, in addition to super-strength and increased endurability. It would be easy for Stormfront to overpower Maeve in a simple test of strength.

The social-media obsessed Nazi Supe also has a regenerative healing factor: Remember, the laser burn on her chest from Homelander's heat vision was back to normal pretty quickly. So Maeve might not be enough to keep Stormfront down for long — unless she got her hands on some seriously destructive explosives. Heat is definitely Stormfront's weakness — just look at how Ryan's heat vision burned her to a crisp.

The debate over Stormfront v. Maeve definitely depends when the hypothetical fight would take place. If we're talking about a future contest, it looks like Maeve would wipe the floor with the now-crippled Stormfront unless the Nazi's regenerative ability manages to regrow her limbs. Unfortunately for Queen Maeve, it seems like Stormfront would put her down if she was at the height of her abilities. Kimiko has a relatively similar skillset to Maeve, and she was dispatched pretty quickly in her fight with the Nazi at the start of The Boys season 2. 

All in all, it's probably a good thing Stormfront is being held in an undisclosed location after the events of the finale. But if her regenerative ability does bring her back for season 3 and beyond, a rematch between the Nazi and Queen Maeve would definitely be entertaining.