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The Netflix Series Fans Of Outside The Wire Should Watch Next

Netflix's original sci-fi thriller Outside the Wire turned a lot of heads when it arrived on the streaming service in early 2021. The film shot to the No. 1 slot on Netflix's top ten and stayed there for a better part of a week, meaning that millions of viewers took the time to check out Mikael Håfström's near future war story.

Outside the Wire stars Damson Idris as Lt. Thomas Harp, a drone pilot who disobeys an order and launches a strike that results in two marines' deaths, although that decision saves another 38. To help Harp understand the harsh truth of ground warfare, he is sent to the front lines of the war in Ukraine, where he is put under the supervision of Captain Leo (Anthony Mackie), an android combat soldier secretly embedded in the unit. Of course, like all secret cyber soldiers, Captain Leo has a hidden agenda that Lt. Harp must confront and overcome before Outside the Wire reaches its conclusion.

While Outside the Wire may not have been a huge hit with critics, viewers had enough interest to prompt speculation about a possible sequel. While no one can say for sure if that will happen, there are some other options right on Netflix for fans seeking another sci-fi adventure with Anthony Mackie. Here is the Netflix series that fans of Outside the Wire should watch next.

Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk sci-fi story starring Anthony Mackie from Outside the Wire

Fans of Outside the Wire can jump right into Altered Carbon, which premiered on the streaming service in 2018 and wrapped up its two-season run in 2020. Like Outside the Wire, Altered Carbon imagines a sci-fi future, although while Outside the Wire is set in 2036, Altered Carbon is closer to 2360. In addition, Altered Carbon also stars Anthony Mackie as main character Takeshi Kovacs — although it takes him a minute to show up.

The primary story device in Altered Carbon is what the show calls cortical stacks, which are devices that contain an individual's memories and personality. The cortical stacks can be inserted into either synthetic bodies or other humans, giving a sort of transferred immortality to anyone whose consciousness has been preserved on one.

The main character, Takeshi, is one such individual preserved on a cortical sleeve that inhabits various bodies throughout the series. As such, Takeshi is played by Joel Kinnaman in season 1 and then by Anthony Mackie in the second season. While Netflix canceled the show after the second season aired, Netflix did produce an anime prequel called Altered Carbon: Resleeved, which sees Takeshi in yet another body, this time voiced by Ray Chase.

It may sound a little confusing, but the entire series was well-received by film critics, fans of the original book series, and Netflix viewers. If you need a lot more sci-fi and at least a little more Anthony Mackie in your life after seeing Outside the Wire, check out Altered Carbon.