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The Mistake That Will Come Back To Haunt Wendy In Ozark Season 4

Just because you're involved with criminal organizations doesn't mean you're the brightest bulb in the box. This is evident from the first episode of Netflix's Ozark when Bruce Liddell (Josh Randall) is caught skimming money from the drug cartel he and Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) work for. Maybe a couple bucks here and there wouldn't have been noticed, but taking $8 million and expecting that money to go unnoticed was a pretty poor decision on Bruce's part. 

Even a simple mistake could land Marty and his family in jail or worse — six feet deep, in the middle of the forest. It makes it all the stranger that the Byrdes would set up their money laundering operation in the middle of the Ozarks, where it would be hard for any business to bring in millions of dollars annually, as some fans have pointed out

However, part of the drama of watching people navigate the murky waters of the criminal underground involves seeing them make mistakes and subsequently cover their tracks. Season 3 left plenty of plot threads up in the air, and there's one moment from the season's penultimate episode that could very well cause Wendy (Laura Linney) some headaches in the future. 

Spoilers for the end of Ozark season 3 ahead!

Wendy's run in with the police prior to her brother's death spells trouble for season 4

Season 3, episode 9, "Fire Pink," shows Wendy recognizing what a liability her brother, Ben (Tom Pelphrey), has become with her family's work with the cartel. Shortly after the scene that feels like a callback to Laura Linney's role in The Truman Show, the two are stopped by the police who are responding to Ben calling them the night before to say how Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) wants to kill him. Wendy's able to smooth things over with the cops, and it's not long until she gives up Ben herself, resulting in his death. 

Reddit user ambitiouslearner123 suggests Wendy could be in a heap of trouble once season 4 of Ozark comes around, stating, "Wendy literally interacted with the police and they note her license plate! The police know the cartel are trying to kill Ben! Now Ben is dead, Wendy is the last person to be seen with him! The police and FBI will question an interrogate Wendy!!!"

As is the case with any predictions involving popular TV shows, people are quick to point out inconsistencies. For starters, there's the fact we see Marty and Ruth (Julia Garner) cremating Ben's body on the down-low, so there wouldn't technically be any way for the police to prove Ben's dead — maybe missing at best. As Redditor indiandudeee also pointed out, "The car belongs to the Kansas City mob. I doubt it'll get traced back to Wendy." Granted, there are any number of other details Wendy could have overlooked to where the police will start suspecting something, or at the very least, her conscience could finally get the best of her. 

There's only one season left of Ozark, and it's clear not everyone is going to make it out alive. It remains to be seen how this house of cards could potentially come crumbling down.