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The Connection Between AHS Freak Show And Roanoke You Might Have Missed

With nine seasons under its belt and a tenth installment in the works, American Horror Story continues to deliver scares to audiences across the country. The horror anthology series spawned by Ryan Murphy has created a universe that spans across a variety of seasons. Whether it's through the reappearance of beloved characters like Queenie in Coven and Hotel or an entire crossover season like Apocalypse that touches on previous entries, the show has a ton of connections. Of course, dedicated AHS fans who have been watching the show for years are sure to pick up on these links when they happen.

This very topic was discussed in the American Horror Story subreddit, which prompted fans to share their favorite AHS connection. While some did point out heartbreaking moments involving tragic characters like Pepper, one fan pointed out an obscure fact that ties both Freak Show and Roanoke. Most fans might've missed this small detail, but thankfully, the Reddit user explained the entire connection in full, and it's actually quite interesting.

Roanoke would've never happened if Dandy had lived in Freak Show

Fans of Freak Show should remember Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock), the spoiled rich brat with an insatiable appetite for murder. After he massacred the entire freak show troupe, the remaining survivors banded together to make Dandy pay for what he did. After drowning the character in a water tank, the show doesn't offer any additional details as to what happened to the Mott family. Well, it turns out that one Reddit user noticed that Dandy's death did have consequences later down the road in the series' sixth season, Roanoke.

"It's stated that Dandy Mott's death in Freak Show caused the Roanoke house to go up for sale as he was its lawful owner," the user explained, "meaning that the events of Roanoke would not have happened were it not for events in Freak Show that in the 1950s lead to the string of families moving into the Roanoke house right up until the incident with Matt, Shelby, and the documentaries about their experiences."

This connection made by the Reddit user is further supported in the "Chapter Five" episode of Roanoke. During the episode, viewers are treated to a little history lesson involving the Roanoke home by journalist Dorris Kearns Goodwin. In the episode, viewers learn that the owner of the home was Edward Philippe Mott. Furthermore, Dorris also explains that Dandy Mott was the last surviving member of the Mott family, meaning that after his death, the house went up for sale.

This connection between Freak Show and Roanoke is one that can easily be overlooked by fans due to all of the many characters that make up the American Horror Story universe. While this connection may not be as apparent as a character from a previous season showing up in a new one, it's still a treat nonetheless for fans who enjoy the show's world-building.