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The Epic Martial Arts Anime That You Can Binge On Hulu

The Dragon Ball series has been a staple in anime for decades, making Goku and his gang of fighters one of the most well-known heroic figures in pop culture. Created by Akira Toriyama, the series first began as a manga back in 1984, and eventually received a television adaptation in 1986. After its tremendous success over the decade, the series has turned into a large franchise that consists of video games, spin-offs, and films. And of the absurd amount of Dragon Ball media that's out there, Dragon Ball Super, now on Hulu, is currently one of the easiest available shows from the franchise.

Dragon Ball Super lands at an interesting place in the series' timeline. During the events of Dragon Ball Z, there is a ten-year gap after the defeat of Majin Buu, that is quickly glazed over. It's during this time-skip that Dragon Ball Super takes place, helping flesh out some of the events that took place during the gap.

The story primarily focuses on Goku's new godlike powers, and the feats that he was able to accomplish with them. Of course there is plenty of fast-paced action that Dragon Ball fans love, making this an entertaining watch that anime fans shouldn't miss.

Dragon Ball Super is accessible, but still requires viewers to brush up on their franchise history

With hundreds of episodes and a handful of spin-offs, Dragon Ball is one behemoth of a series to get through. 

Of course, there are filler episodes, so viewers don't necessarily have to watch everything prior to Dragon Ball Super in order to understand the plot. Nonetheless, it is definitely recommended that first time Dragon Ball audiences should at least read some plot summaries beforehand in order to get an idea of what's going on in the Dragon Ball Super, so you don't lose track of everything — and this is probably the best course of action if viewers don't want to sit through, quite literally, over 300 episodes that span across Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

Meanwhile, for those who are already fans of the series and are looking to get their next Dragon Ball fix, Hulu's addition of Dragon Ball Super is perfect. With the Dragon Ball series being as large as it is, finding every episode in one place can be cumbersome. This especially becomes a massive issue for viewers who prefer dubs over subs when they have to go back and forth between the two. Thankfully Hulu has the entirety of Dragon Ball Super in its English dub. With no need to switch between sketchy websites or do hours of Google searching trying to find a specific episode, Dragon Ball Super on Hulu is the perfect and most accessible way to enjoy the series.