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The Justice League Main Character 43% Of People Would Get Rid Of If They Could

In any conversation about DC's biggest teams, the Justice League outdoes the competition with relative ease. Created by writer Gardner Fox in the shadow of the Justice Society of America, the IP became a huge hit throughout the 1960s and 1970s. It quickly earned its status as one of pop culture's most recognizable factions, with a revolving door of heroes joining the crew in the years that followed. 

With such flexibility and variety, you would imagine adapting the Justice League to a new medium would be a walk in the park. However, while the team has found great success in animation, time and time again, quite the opposite is true in live-action. Just beyond the 60th anniversary of their debut in The Brave and the Bold #28, it's remarkable to think that the Justice League has only leaped from the page to the big screen a single time. Additionally, it's amazing that it didn't come anywhere close to meeting audience expectations. 

2017's Justice League, from director Joss Whedon, had its fair share of production troubles ... followed by setbacks of the critical and financial variety. Not to mention, the viewers themselves were severely let down — thereby prompting an endless outcry for the release of the original Zack Snyder cut — and they clearly weren't impressed with the film's presentation of DC's biggest names. 

In fact, it seems there's one member of the cinematic team's lineup that the majority of fans wouldn't mind seeing removed from the team entirely.

The fans have no love for Aquaman

We here at Looper recently ran a poll, asking Justice League fans which member of the team they'd be okay with ditching if they had the chance. Of the 650 participants, 42.77% made it clear that they would want Aquaman, as portrayed by Jason Momoa in the DCEU, off the team. 

The Flash (Ezra Miller) came in second, with 23.69%, followed by Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) who took 10.15%, Batman (Ben Affleck) with 9.38%, and Superman (Henry Cavill) at 7.85%. Voters could also write-in responses, such as Cyborg (Ray Fisher) with the "other" option, for example, taking the remaining 6.15%.

These results may come as a shock at first glance, considering the popularity of Momoa and the success of his 2018 Aquaman solo film. The feature, directed by James Wan, took in roughly $1.148 billion at the worldwide box office, and received a fair bit of praise from all sides. 

At the same time, perhaps those who are only familiar with the character in Whedon's movie — and haven't seen his solo venture yet — may have been left disappointed with that specific representation of Arthur Curry. Also worth noting is the character's fan-decided status as one of DC's less interesting heroes, a stigma dating back decades, may be one that he can't seem to shake. No matter the reason, the masses have decreed that Aquaman is Justice League's weakest link.