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Why Fatima From The Equalizer 2 Looks So Familiar

Never underestimate the star power of Denzel Washington. While a movie reboot of an old TV show from the 1980s — particularly one that has lost much of its fanbase over the years — doesn't exactly sound like a home run, Washington, along with director Antoine Fuqua, provided a pulpy thriller in the form of 2014's The Equalizer that felt right at home in the 21st century. The movie effectively served as the actor's John Wick, giving him a chance to show off his action chops and leading to the only sequel Washington's ever been a part of. 

The franchise has provided some of the most financially-successful movies of his career so far, and while there hasn't been much news, as of late, regarding whether we're getting a third installment, we at least have the first two to enjoy when in the mood for some gratuitous violence. The sequel, The Equalizer 2, not only upped the action but also brought on a ton of acting talent to go toe-to-toe with Washington, including Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), Melissa Leo (The Fighter), and Bill Pullman (Independence Day). There's also plenty of great actors you may recognize, but don't quite know where they're from. That may be the case for Sakina Jaffrey, who plays Robert McCall's (Washington) neighbor Fatima. You may not know her name at the tip of your tongue, but she's starred in a ton of movies and TV shows, as of late, that really give her a chance to show off her talents. 

The same year as The Equalizer 2, Sakina Jaffrey had a stunning turn on American Gods

The Equalizer 2 is far from the only movie role Jaffrey's had over the years, with prominent roles in the likes of Definitely, MaybeThe Meyerowitz Stories, and Red Sparrow. However, in recent memory, the actress has mostly been active on the TV side of things, and one of her most impressive roles to date has been as Mama-Ji on the provocative Starz series, American Gods

The Hindu goddess of war, Mama-Ji in the show uses her powers of duplication to appear in every location of Motel America. She's seen throughout season 2, and with her necklace of skulls, she manages to hold her own among the likes of Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), as well as any other god or man. 

Jaffrey's performance proved to be a welcome addition to the eclectic cast. Jenna Anderson of ComicBook.com even goes so far as to say her character, "[brings] something interesting to the table [...] easily being the most promising character introduced." She's been acting since the 1980s, so it's wonderful to see critics and audiences alike finally put respect on her name. 

From gods to aliens, Sakina Jaffrey then had a recurring role on Netflix's Lost in Space

There were many reasons to be excited when it was announced Netflix would be reviving the classic science-fiction TV series, Lost in Space. Finally, with all the advancements in filmmaking technology, the show could actually look like it took place in space, in stark contrast to the campy nature of the original 1960s series. 

Another reason to look forward to the show came during its second season when Sakina Jaffrey joined the cast as Captain Kamal. When the previous captain of the starship Resolute falls into a coma, she assumes control and makes some decisions that don't necessarily gel with everyone onboard. By the season's end, her and the rest of the crew set their sights on Alpha Centauri. With Kamal still alive, there's a good chance we'll continue seeing her when Lost in Space season 3 airs hopefully sometime in the near future. 

Sakina Jaffrey is part of the main cast of the Apple TV+ miniseries, Defending Jacob

One of the most intriguing offerings to come out of Apple TV+ in 2020 was the drama series, Defending Jacob, starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, and Jaeden Martell. The series follows a community rocked when a student at the local school ends up murdered, and the son of the two parents played by Evans and Dockery is the primary suspect. 

The investigation at the center of the show's plot is made all the more intriguing given the fact Evans' character is the assistant district attorney. This frequently puts him at odds with D.A. Lynn Canavan, played by Jaffrey, who believes he has a conflict of interest in the case after his son emerges as a suspect. 

2020 proved to be a fruitful year for Jaffrey, as she also had a part in the series Little Voice, and provided voiceover work for the role of the doctor in Pixar's Soul. She's had a lengthy career so far, and by all accounts, it's just getting started.