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Why Terra From Fate: The Winx Saga Looks So Familiar

On January 22, 2021, Netflix released the first season of its new young adult series Fate: The Winx Saga. The show is based on the well-loved children's animated series Winx Club and created by Brian Young, who previously worked on The Vampire Diaries, and Iginio Straffi from the original Winx Club series. Fate: The Winx Saga stars Abigail Cowen from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Bloom, a fire fairy entering her first year at the Alfea College for Fairies in the Otherworld, after spending her whole life up to that point raised by a human family.

Of course, Bloom needs her fairy friends to help her discover more about their powers and background. Rounding out the main cast is Hannah van der Westhuysen as Stella, Precious Mustapha as Aisha, Elisha Applebaum as Musa, and Eliot Salt as Terra. Salt, in particular, is an actress that fans might recognize from previous roles in her rising career. In Fate: The Winx Saga, Salt's character is an earth fairy who has lived her whole life at the magical academy and has trouble connecting with those around her, especially her roommate, Musa.

But what else has the English actress been in? Check out her past roles.

Eliot Salt played a therapist's assistant named Frances on GameFace

For her first acting job, Salt booked a supporting role on the Channel 4 series GameFace, written by and starring English comedian Roisin Conaty. Conaty plays Marcella Donoghue, a struggling actor who can't seem to book jobs and hates all the other careers she tries. Add to that a ton of debt and a breakup with her long-term boyfriend, and Marcella is in serious need of help. Enter Graham (Karl Theobald), her therapist, and Graham's hilarious assistant Frances, played by Salt.

According to an interview with Bustle, filming for GameFace only took two days, with Salt calling it a "crash course in how to be on TV." Although she "was really, really nervous at the beginning," as anyone taking on their first big acting job is bound to be, Salt stated that everyone involved with GameFace was "genuinely so nice." Salt's character appeared in the show's second season in 2019, but unfortunately, GameFace has since been canceled and will not return for a third season.

Eliot Salt plays another hilarious assistant on the sitcom Intelligence

Fortunately for Salt, she quickly picked up another role in the Sky British sitcom Intelligence. Premiering on NBC's Peacock streaming platform in the US, Intelligence stars David Schwimmer as an NSA agent named Jerry. He is assigned to be his agency's liaison to the cybercrime unit of the United Kingdom's Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ for short. Jerry quickly teams up with a junior computer analyst named Joseph (Nick Mohammed) at the GCHQ to help him with a power grab. As expected, it doesn't go according to plan, and Jerry and Joseph's manipulations threaten the cybercrime team's ability to do their job.

Salt plays a character named Evelyn, the assistant to Nick's boss Christine (Sylvestra Le Touzel). Her snarky character doesn't know how to do her job well, but somehow she still works there. Salt is great in her role, with Decider even calling her the "Sleeper Star" of the series. Intelligence has already been renewed for a second season, so fans can expect to see Salt's Evelyn once again in season 2 (via Deadline).

Hulu's Normal People features Eliot Salt as Marianne's friend Joanna

2020 turned out to be a prosperous year for Salt, who also had a major role in the Hulu adaptation of the bestselling novel Normal People. Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal as Marianne and Connell, the series follows the couple from high school and into adulthood as their romance navigates many ups and downs.

Salt plays Joanna, a woman Marianne befriends when she enters her university studies at Trinity College. While Marianne appears to have an extensive group of friends in college, Joanna is the one she is closest to, and the most earnest and loyal. Many fans praised Joanna as one of the few dependable and "normal" characters on Normal People. As Salt shared with Evening Standard, Joanna is so caring that the writers had to purposely keep her out of key dramatic moments for Marianne, as her empathetic nature would've been too helpful, removing an important element of angst from the story. 

The series received great critical acclaim, with Rotten Tomatoes' "Critics Consensus" citing Edgar-Jones and Mescal's "vulnerable performances," stating that "Normal People is at once intimate and illuminating, beautifully translating the nuances of its source material." Fans have called for new episodes, but the future of the show is unclear, given the first season used up most of the source material. 

As of right now, Hulu has not renewed or canceled Normal People, but at least you have some other options — including Winx — if you want to see more of Salt.