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Debra Jo Rupp Weighs In On Not Appearing In WandaVision's '70s Episode

WandaVision is racing through sitcom history at a speed matched only by Wanda's accelerated pregnancy. While the first two episodes tackled the '50s and '60s, the third episode was an ode to '70s favorites like The Brady Bunch, but it was absent the most obvious guest star choice: That '70s Show matriarch Debra Jo Rupp, who was happy to miss WandaVision's tribute to the decade.

For her part, Rupp has already lived through the '70s — twice. Not only did the 69-year-old actress experience the decade firsthand, she also relived it via eight seasons of Fox's That '70s Show. And that's more than enough bell bottoms for one lifetime, at least as far as Rupp is concerned.

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Rupp shared why she was glad the WandaVision writers didn't have her character, Mrs. Hart, appear in Wanda's dramatic '70s set delivery episode.

"That clothing, there is nothing attractive about that clothing. And I also lived in the '70s. It never looked good on me," she said. "It's just like a whole decade that could go away in 'clothes land.'"

Her reluctance to head back to the '70s again wasn't all about the clothes, though. Rupp was also concerned that her That '70s Show image would detract from what was a meaty episode in terms of clues. "Oh, I think if I had been a part of the '70s episode, it would have taken you out of it," she added. "I think it was okay in the '50s, but I think it would have... It's a really good story and there's lots of clues and that would have taken away from it."

Debra Jo Rupp prefers the '50s to the '70s, at least in WandaVision land

For Rupp, appearing in the '50s set episode of WandaVision was way more fun, because it allowed her to do something new: Wear clothes that she actually loves. Over the years, the actress has starred in a number of iconic sitcoms, including Friends and Seinfeld, but she's never had the opportunity to channel old school comedy favorites like The Dick Van Dyke Show onscreen before, or rock the classic fashion that comes with the time period.

During an interview with Marvel.com, she explained that the show was shot just like a traditional sitcom, which made her job easier since she knows the format inside and out. "Well, sitcoms are generally three to four cameras. Not one. And so I'm pretty good at knowing where the camera is, where I need to stand, and how I need to clear for someone else," she shared. "I have all that pretty much down. So the mechanics are there for me. I don't have to think about that. I just get to act, and be funny, and look pretty in '50s clothing."

Rupp then went on to gush about the dress she wore to dinner with Wanda and Vis, which she revealed was "the most beautiful sea blue." However, it also came with plenty of accessories, including a corset and petticoat, which she said added to the authenticity of the episode. "Once you get it all on and get put together, you feel like you're in the '50s. You physically feel like you're in the '50s," she told Marvel.com. "And then the hat was to die for. Then you put the hat on and you're there. You are golden ... I loved it."

While it would have been interesting to see Rupp channel Kitty Forman one more time, her reasoning for wanting to sit out the '70s on WandaVision makes total sense.