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This Season 4 Fan Poster For Cobra Kai Is Truly Epic

Cobra Kai recently debuted its third season all at once, raising an important question: "What's next for Reseda's punchiest pubescents?" Much of the story seems nice and neat – the stakes are set for season four's All-Valley Tournament, and Johnny and Daniel have put aside their differences in the pursuit of a more perfect karate union. They've hung up their hats as karate kids and become, as they were always destined to be, karate men.

And sure, the next season of Cobra Kai has plenty of promise. Between LaRusso's thoughtful, chore-based approach to mentorship and Lawrence's more fists-on method, there'll probably be a lot of interpersonal tension. Character motivations will be unpacked, one imagines, and old relationships reexamined. But what about the punching? What will the students of this new congress of philosophies punch until it falls down?

The answer, according to one fan, is simple. As illustrated on their Instagram page, user thebutcherbilly sees through the murk and fog of studio rights and logical, in-universe storytelling, bringing us a bright example of a utopian future. It's a future where production companies don't squabble over who owns what, and instead bring fans what they've been clamoring for ever since they hit their head really hard in a scooter accident: Cobra Kai vs. the Predator.

Cobra Kai vs. Predator: Things are about to get ugly

And there it is, in six glorious colors: Cobra Kai vs. the Predator. Not since Archie met the Punisher, KISS, and, well, the Predator has there been a more ideal pairing of intellectual properties. Ever wanted to watch a mandible-mouthed alien super hunter get crane kicked in the face from one side while having his leg swept from the other? Now you can. Or could, if it wasn't made up fan art.

But it's not the promise of seeing Hawk adopted by the Yautja and sent out on his first hunt that makes this such a great idea. It's all of the ancillary universes that come with it. Any fan with a few days in the saddle can tell you that the inclusion of the Predator in the Karate Kid continuity would also open the door to an Alien crossover, on account of the xenomorph Easter egg from Predator 2 and the Alien vs. Predator mashup prequel stories. And once a piece of pop culture breaks the Alien barrier, the floodgates are pretty much open: the special features for the Prometheus Blu-ray offered fans some of their first concrete evidence that Alien takes place in the same universe as Blade Runner, meaning that Johnny could be dropping Replicants next. While we're at it, Joss Whedon's Firefly sported Weyland-Yutani equipment at the Battle of Serenity Valley — is John Kreese a distant ancestor of Jayne Cobb?

Again, no. It's fan art. But still, fun.