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WandaVision Slipped A Marvel Comics Supervillain Reference Right Past You

It's been a fairly brutal year for the whole of superhero fandom, as the powerhouse studio behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been unable to release any new films. In fact, the last time fans dipped a toe into the MCU was the Summer of 2019, when Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and pals had themselves a kooky European adventure in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Fear not: Marvel's first Disney+ streamer WandaVision is finally here to fill the super-powered void in the world's viewing schedule (see the ending of the two-episode premiere explained). The long-awaited series launched Marvel Phase 4 on January 15, and it's safe to say the show was well worth the wait. We'll also point out that what the critics are saying about WandaVision is true: It's a total head-trip, top to bottom. MCU veterans Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) bring fans along for a wildly ambitious narrative that filters all things Marvel through the nostalgic prism of classic television sitcoms.

Even just two episodes in, WandaVision has already featured a plethora of Easter eggy surprises with winks and nods to several characters and events from both the MCU and the pages of Marvel Comics. While Marvel diehards will likely spend the next few days combing through each and every one of them, we're betting even the savviest of superhero fans might miss WandaVision's sly reference to one of Marvel Comics' biggest bads. Minor spoilers for WandaVision episode 2 beyond!

That nod came when the series ventured into the shopping district in the idyllic town Wanda and Vision call home. If you glance at the building behind them, the storefront boasts a sign for Wentworth's Department Store, and though the reference is unconfirmed, it's safe to assume that store name is a shoutout to the one and only Dr. Diedre Wentworth.  

Diedre Wentworth is the fearsome Femizon leader Superia from the pages of Marvel Comics

That name may not mean much to MCU fans yet, but for comics readers the name Diedre Wentworth conjures as much supervillainous fear as the likes of Red Skull, Green Goblin, or any of Marvel's biggest bads. 

Deirdre Wentworth is the fearsome Femizon leader Superia. A genius scientist who essentially gave herself superpowers via genetic alterations, Wentworth made her first Marvel appearance in 1991's Captain America vol. 1 #387 fronting a group of super-powered femmes bent on toppling the patriarchy by enslaving — or simply killing off — the male gender. Known as the Femizons, Wentworth and her team set up shop on a remote island protected by a powerful forcefield with additional plans to sterilize any woman who lived outside their bubble. As you might expect, Steve Rogers was having none of either plot, and with the help of some super-powered allies put a stop to Superia's nefarious deeds. 

The character has made several more appearances in Marvel comics since. Without spoiling any of those Superia storylines, we'll simply say she's gone on to become a major villain who's outsmarted, outwitted, and often out-powered virtually every superhero, super-team, and supervillain Marvel has conjured up. 

As Wentworth's existence has now likely been teased on WandaVision, the question becomes whether she'll turn up on the streamer in the flesh to tangle with Wanda and her dearly departed paramour, Vision. Perhaps more importantly, does that nod to the supervillain also mean she'll soon have a place in the MCU at large? Whatever the case, the possibility of Superia making her way to the MCU may well mean Kevin Feige and company are eyeing a couple of major modern Marvel storylines for future projects.