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What Is The Song In The Mercedes-Benz 2021 E-Class New Attitude Commercial?

2020 was a drastic change of pace for many. The COVID-19 pandemic forced numerous businesses to go remote, meaning a lot of people who were accustomed to a daily commute now only have to walk a few feet from their beds to their desks to get their work days started. With a vaccine against the deadly virus gradually being rolled out, restrictions have begun to ease up in certain states (via USA Today). That means more people are starting to get reacquainted with their vehicles and hitting the road on a more regular basis once again, and many might realize they could benefit from something a little sleeker for the new year. 

Mercedes-Benz seems to understand this, based on its new commercial showcasing the 2021 E-Class with the tagline "New E. New Attitude." The ad shows a bunch of people who aren't looking forward to waking up and starting the day, but that isn't the case for a couple of lucky people who own the new Mercedes E-Class. They're getting back to the morning rush in style with this luxury vehicle that comes with a panoramic sunroof and head-up display. To commemorate the sedan that the company promises will make your morning commute more enjoyable, Mercedes-Benz has chosen the perfect song to go along with this peppy, upbeat commercial. 

The song in the new Mercedes-Benz advert is 'Could Have Been Me' by The Struts

You weren't alone if you found yourself tapping your foot along with the new Mercedes-Benz 2021 E-Class commercial. The song in question, "Could Have Been Me," comes from the raucous British band The Struts and their 2014 debut album Everybody Wants. The advertisement has given the tune new life after peaking in the number 15 spot on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs Billboard chart back in 2015 (via Billboard). 

It's the perfect song to go along with the theme of the ad with lyrics like, "Don't wanna wake up on a Monday morning / The thought of work's getting my skin crawling." The entire song is a battle cry against the drudgery of living a mundane life and a call to seek out adventure wherever you can. With such a widely-accepted theme and an infectious guitar riff, it should come as no surprise that this isn't the first time the song has been used in a commercial, having appeared in the introduction for MLB The Show 16 as well as a trailer for 2016's Ratchet & Clank

The Struts have brought back glam rock in a big way, and the world has stood up and taken notice. If you like what you hear in the new Mercedes-Benz commercial, then you should check out the rest of The Struts' discography, which includes two other albums — YOUNG&DANGEROUS and Strange Days. If you like a little bit of Queen mixed with My Chemical Romance, then they're the band for you.