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What You Miss Seeing When You Use FastPass At Disney World

The Walt Disney World resort is among the most successful family-friendly vacation destinations in the world, and for good reason. The quality of the rides, the endless must-have merchandise, and the variety of it all are second to none and ensure there's something for everyone to enjoy. However, as a consequence of Disney World's immense popularity and wide demographic, it's entirely likely you'll devote more time at the park waiting in line for your favorite attractions than you will doing pretty much anything else. In response to this park-wide issue, the folks behind the magic came up with an effective solution to ease this unnecessary stress.

Created in 1999, the Disney FastPass — recently rebranded as FastPass+, which allows guests to reserve their spot on specific rides — gives parkgoers the chance to skip the queue for some of the resort's busiest attractions and largely avoid standing in line altogether. This is a great service for those on a tight schedule or thrill-seekers who want to take on Space Mountain or Expedition Everest ASAP, but this system isn't devoid of a few drawbacks. A negative to using FastPass or FastPass+ for many is the inability to experience one of Walt Disney World's most aesthetically pleasing and detail-oriented waiting areas of the bunch.

You can't miss out on the Pirates of the Caribbean queue

Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is a staple of the park and has been since its arrival in the resort's Magic Kingdom park in December 1973. This water-bound dark ride through 17th-century pirate culture fascinated parkgoers from the moment it opened its doors, and the establishment of the Johnny Depp-led Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise only increased its popularity. One aspect of its design that it often receives praise for is its convincing presentation, specifically in its waiting queue, which Reddit user u/vissirion pointed out in October 2020.

"I never noticed that the cannons in PotC queue are aimed at the boats," they wrote, referring to the decorative cannons that stare directly at those preparing to go off on their pirate-themed boat ride. 

Fellow Redditor u/partnumberrainman commented their thoughts on the queue, joking with the OP that "too many times you were sent left," signifying that those who get the FastPass will pass right by the careful design of the waiting area and the small details that come with it. They added, "This is a right queue treat for the (personal opinion) longer wait."

Another member of the r/WaltDisneyWorld Reddit community, u/robbycough, called the line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride "one of Disney's best queues," praising it for its ability to create a convincing environment without relying heavily on technology and animatronics to make it work. 

It's no secret that Disney's Imagineers go above and beyond to supply the most remarkable experience they can for every visitor — be it through their hidden Mickeys or conveniently placed cannons. By taking the quick FastPass route, you're missing out on the astonishing atmosphere of the Pirates of the Caribbean queue that makes the ride all the more immersive.