Why The Actor Who Plays Cyclone In Black Adam Looks So Familiar

The long-in-development comic book flick Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson, seems to finally be picking up steam. 

It's recently been confirmed the film will introduce the Justice Society (precursor to the Justice League) and will introduce Atom Smasher, played by Noah Centineo, as part of the cast. Earlier this year, it was also announced that Doctor Fate, Hawkman, and Cyclone would be part of the proceedings, and we now know who will be donning the costume for that final superhero. 

A story from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed Quintessa Swindell will join the superpowered cast as Cyclone. In DC Comics, Cyclone a.k.a. Maxine Hunkell has sound- and wind-generating capabilities and is the grandchild of the more famous Red Tornado, an android with similar powers who already made the leap to live-action by appearing on an episode of Supergirl. The casting is a major break for Swindell, and while they may not have an expansive resume yet, that's set to change in a big way with such a high-profile project on the horizon. 

Quintessa Swindell is best-known for their role as Tabitha Foster on Trinkets

As of right now, Swindell only has two credits to their name. They could be seen in the role of Anna on the Euphoria episode "The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed." More notably, they've played the role of Tabitha Foster for two seasons of the hit Netflix series Trinkets, which unfortunately wasn't renewed for a third

Tabitha is a kleptomaniac who joins the central group of characters in their Shoplifters Anonymous meetings. Tabitha comes from a wealthy family and struggles to please everyone, which often comes with personal sacrifices. The three central characters, Tabitha, Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand), and Moe (Kiana Madeira), forge a strong bond, always being there for each other as they struggle to control their urges to steal.

Swindell's upcoming projects include the sci-fi thriller Voyagers, in which they'll star alongside Colin Farrell and Tye Sheridan, set to be released by Lionsgate in 2021. Also on deck is the drama Granada Nights, a film about an uncultured British tourist in Spain who tries to find a way to fix his broken heart. By far, Black Adam will be Swindell's biggest film to date, and things are only set to get brighter for the young actor's rising star.