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The Most Memorable Holiday Movie Couples Ever

To quote the incomparable Billy Mack, "Christmas is all around us." Sure, the holidays can be stressful, what with shopping, party planning, and hauling small children onto airplanes. But listening to Mariah Carey, eating cookies, and, of course, watching holiday movies can quickly get even the most Scrooge-like among us in the holiday spirit. 

There's so much to love about Christmas movies: The endless array of pea coats, the gorgeous, elaborate desserts, the perfectly timed snowstorms. All these things are wonderful, but the jewel at the center of it all is usually a star-crossed couple. For a moment, these movies make you believe in all sorts of magical scenarios. If only you could find a lost anklet, whose owner you uncover with the help of a handsome reporter — then you too might find the love of your life! Anything's possible in the world of Christmas movies, romance most of all.

Indeed, couples are a mainstay of yuletide flicks. Still, there are some duos that rise above the rest. Let's take a look at the holiday movie couples that make us feel all the feels, every time December rolls around.

Jack and Lucy in While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping follows an age-old love story about a lonely MTA worker who falls in love with a guy she doesn't know, saves said guy on the train tracks, gets mistaken for his wife, then falls in love with his brother. You know, tale as old as time. Even though it's hard to imagine Sandra Bullock ever being alone, watching Lucy and Jack fall for each other is like sitting by a crackling fire with a glass of hot chocolate: It's just so comfortable and warm. 

Both Lucy and Jack need someone to believe in their dreams. They lift each other up at a time when they don't really feel like they can trust themselves. Sure, their relationship is predicated on a lie, but their connection is very real: Each of them puts other people before themselves, so much so that you want to yell at the screen when Lucy almost settles for Peter. Luckily, the charming duo realizes their profound love and happily ever after ensues. But honestly, even though Lucy falls in love with Jack's many wonderful qualities, including his perfectly quirky family, we're betting the way he pulls off those jeans is what seals the deal.

The many couples of Love, Actually

Even if you haven't forgiven Harry for cheating on Karen, Love Actually is, in actuality, filled with love. Be honest: You've seen this movie too many times to count, still hope "Christmas Is All Around" makes it to number one every year, and have possibly even thought about how to create your own cue cards-and-carolers moment.

The couples are, of course, the heart of this movie. Even though Jamie and Aurelia speak different languages, they are able to fall in love. Unsure if they'll ever see each other again, they better themselves by learning another language. Having a partner who makes you grow as a human is relationships goals for sure. Natalie's curse words launch a love story for the ages. She's perfect, and David knows it — as does the audience. If there's a reboot, David and Natalie should absolutely make TikTok videos, dancing in various rooms of Parliament. Finally, we have John and Judy, professional sex scene stand-ins. John and Judy are like the Pam and Jim of Love Actually – especially since Martin Freeman plays the Jim equivalent in the British Office. They make falling in love look easy, even in the most awkward circumstances.

This movie and its endless array of couples reminds us that love is everywhere, so long as you choose to see it.

Georgia and Sean in Last Holiday

Last Holiday answers a big question: If you only had a month to live, what would your holiday look like? This premise could easily have fallen into the so-sad-its-maudlin "Christmas Shoes" trap. But with Queen Latifah starring as the irresistible Georgia Byrd, Last Holiday's story becomes utterly charming, with an even more charming romance at the center of it.

When Georgia is told she only has weeks to live, she empties her bank account and embarks on one last epic adventure, which includes BASE jumping, snowboarding, looking gorgeous in an evening gown, and winning games of roulette. What's so wonderful about this love story is that Georgia is given the chance to find herself and be comfortable in her own skin without a man. Sean, played by LL Cool J, is clearly enamored with her from the beginning of the film, but he gives her space to spread her wings. Even when he finds out her diagnosis, instead of running away, he runs towards her. Literally: He gets out of a taxi and treks through the snow to be with her.

Luckily, it's revealed that Georgia was given a wrong diagnosis (and probably grounds for a malpractice suit), meaning this wasn't her last holiday after all. This wonderful couple can continue to support each other in (occasionally fake) sickness and in health for many holidays to come.

Brandon and Jake in The Christmas House

Sure, The Christmas House is a newcomer to the holiday movie scene. Still, the relationship between Jake and Brandon stole our hearts, and made history as the first same-sex couple in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. In this holiday gem, middle-aged couple Bill and Phyllis want to bring back their famous "Christmas house" display, and enlist the help of their kids, Mike and Brandon. Thus, the boys travel to upstate New York to spend the holidays at home. The whole movie is filled with kindness and positivity, and, obviously, several cute love stories.

While the story of Mike and Andi is appealing, Jake and Brandon's love stands out. One of the reasons this relationship is so refreshing is that the couple's storyline isn't about them coming out to their family, or about them hiding their relationship. The couple is simply accepted and loved by their family. Their biggest struggle is actually about adopting a child, a reality for so many couples around the world. After receiving pushback in 2019 for pulling a commercial featuring a same-sex couple, Hallmark appears to have listened and learned — a lesson for media giants everywhere.

Jack and Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Believe it or not, beloved classic The Nightmare Before Christmas almost never saw the light of day. In the early 1980s, while working as an animator at Disney, Tim Burton pitched Nightmare as a 30-minute holiday special. At the time, the studio passed, as they thought the concept was not for them. Burton left Disney and went on to direct Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. After the success of both films, Burton went back to Disney, who finally gave the green light to one of the best Christmas movies ever made.

At the beginning of the film, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, is feeling uninspired and a bit lost. Thus, he goes on a journey to reinvent himself. Sally, in contrast, is a rag doll who is just trying to keep it together — literally and figuratively. Through kidnappings, military movements, and one Oogie Boogie, the two realize they love each other, but struggle to share their feelings. Finally, on Spiral Hill, the pair kiss, making hearts everywhere melt. They love each other, scars and all. It's perfect.

Buddy and Jovie in Elf

As Buddy "[passes] through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest [and] through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops," he walks straight into our hearts. This man, who was raised by Santa's elves, is filled with so much kindness, innocence, and spirit, you can't help but adore him. These days, it's easy to be completely jaded. But when you watch Elf, you're reminded that there is still an abundance of joy in the world, if you only remember to look for it.

We all fail to do that from time to time, of course, and in that sense, Jovie is all of us. The world has been a bit of a jerk to her, and she's "just trying to get through the holidays" when Buddy comes crashing into her North Pole. That's not a euphemism: She works in a department store's "North Pole" area. Buddy reignites her Christmas spirit by planning world's purest date. Okay, that one may be a bit of a euphemism, but this is a kids' movie — and it's absolutely true. Sometimes, you just want to find someone who brings happiness to your world, especially at your lowest moments. Buddy and Jovie's relationship isn't complicated, it's just sweet. Kind of like everything Buddy eats.

George and Mary in It's a Wonderful Life

Mary truly means it when she says, "George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die." From that moment on, you're rooting for It's a Wonderful Life's George and Mary to have, well, a wonderful life. Yet things aren't that simple. George's business struggles make him believe he's failed his family. Though It's A Wonderful Life is from the '40s, his fears and subsequent depression feel utterly real and hugely poignant.

In the vein of A Christmas Carol, George is shown what life would be like without him. It's not a pretty picture, but the most heartbreaking part is when he sees Mary alone. Seeing her companionless shows that they are the only match for each other. We don't all get a guardian angel to show us that our partner is our soulmate, but watching these two grow together truly makes you understand the meaning of love. Both Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed said It's a Wonderful Life was their favorite film, and it's easy to see why. 

Iris and Miles and Amanda and Graham in The Holiday

Going to a foreign country and having a random man show up in your extremely secluded rental house sounds like fodder for a horror film. Luckily for us, it's also the impetus of one of the love stories in The Holiday. It's hard to pick which love story is the best in this film. On the one hand, Miles and Iris are absolutely freaking adorable. He writes her a theme song, for goodness' sake. On the other hand, the other couple features Jude Law at his most suave. Either way, the film feels like watching two beloved rom-coms simultaneously.

Amanda, a film producer from LA, is so out of touch with her emotions she can no longer cry. After a bad breakup, she decides she needs a vacation, so she swaps houses with Iris, a writer from England, who needs to get away from her toxic ex. Both women set off on a journey to find themselves and fall in love along the way. It's a testament to the idea that when you love yourself, the right person for you will appear.

John McClane and Holly Gennero-McClane in Die Hard

The last thing you probably want to do on Christmas is be captured by Snape — er, a radicalized German. Still, that's exactly what happens in Die Hard, and true love ensues. Before you say, "Wait, is Die Hard really a Christmas movie?," know that the answer is an unequivocal yes. This list is law.

John McClane heads to estranged wife Holly's place of work, Nakatomi Plaza, on a mission to reconcile with her. When the building is hijacked by Hans Gruber, McClane has to not only save his marriage, but also a whole lot of people. Die Hard would be inaccurately named if a bunch of people didn't die, so, you know, that happens. Not exactly the best outcome for a holiday film. Yet watching McClane make it clear that he's willing to sacrifice himself to save his wife is perfect love story material. Then, when Holly punches a reporter to defend McClane's honor, you realize they're a match made in Christmas movie heaven. Allow us this pun: It's hard to deny they are a couple who would die for each other.

The many couples of Let It Snow

Let It Snow is Love, Actually for a new generation. It tells the story of several friend groups, which intersect at a small diner called Waffle Town after an enormous snowstorm. It's pretty darn impossible to not fall hard for every couple in this film. 

First, there's Julie and pop star Stuart. They tell each other secrets they've never told anyone. Stuart encourages Julie to pursue her dreams of going to Columbia, and she gives him the sort of family Christmas he's never experienced. Then there's Tobin and Angie, who everyone calls Duke. Two best friends realizing they're the love of each other's lives is a staple in holiday films, and this iteration doesn't disappoint. When Tobin finally professes his love to Duke on the roof and they kiss in the snow, a perfect moment is created. 

Turmoil bubbles between Dorrie, a Waffle Town waitress, and Kerry, a popular cheerleader who pretends not to know Dorrie in public, despite their clandestine romance. A cheer-worthy moment comes when Dorrie stands up for herself, saying she deserves someone who celebrates her out in the open. The audience agrees, and finally, Kerry does too. She kisses Dorrie in front of her friends, who are nothing but supportive.

Snow might be a pain in the real world, especially in terms of holiday travel. But in Let It Snow, a snowstorm results in joy and love.