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The Bizarre Pauly Shore Comedy Coming To Netflix Next Week

Pauly Shore is back and more bizarre than ever is his new film that is soon set to premiere on Netflix.

In Guest House, the actor stars as Randy Cockfield, a hard-partying layabout who refuses to leave the guest house of a dream home recently purchased by a newly engaged couple (Mike Castle and Aimee Teegarden).

The role should be no surprise to audiences familiar with Shore's previous work. Shore became a '90s comedy star with films like Son-in-Law and Encino Man, both of which helped solidify his "weasel" persona. But even if the character might be familiar, the film is a strange one. 

Everything about Guest House, from its trailer to its disjointed cast to its director's name (Sam Macaroni), is surreal. From the trailer alone, we see Cockfield snorting cocaine, taking an insanity drug called "Flakka," giving that same drug to a possum, and doing a lot of partying — all of which helped the film earn the hard R rating that Shore wanted.

Pauly Shore wanted Guest House to be raunchy

Shore is proud of how raunchy Guest House turned out to be. "But I love that the director and everyone, we went hard R," Shore said. "It's a hard rated R and I thought that was cool especially for these times. Everything is so sensitive so I thought it was ... I was pretty happy that everyone went that way with it."

The film was co-written by Troy Duffy, who wrote the Boondock Saints movies, and features a cast that ranges from actors like Pauly Shore who are rarely seen in films today (Billy Zane, Chris Kattan, Lou Ferrigno) to Jackass star Steve-O to comedians Erik Griffin and Bobby Lee.

On set the antics were bizarre as well as Shore and Lee were messing around and Lee got stuck in the sex swing. Shore said: "I thought he was just acting when he was screaming."

So if you want to see a skateboarder seemingly break his neck, a drugged-out possum disrupting and subsequently setting fire to an outdoor dinner party, and a suited man ask: "What the f*** is going on?" in a moment of surprising self-awareness, look no further than Guest House, which is to hit Netflix on December 18.