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Why Pauly Shore Thinks We Need Guest House's Hard R Rating - Exclusive

Guest House tells the story of Blake and Sarah, a young couple who have just bought their first house together. It's a perfect house, with a perfect yard and a perfect pool. There's just one problem: there's a weirdo in the guest house who won't leave. His name is Randy Cockfield, played by Pauly Shore, and he's a nightmare tenant — a drug-fueled, sex-crazed jobless loser who gets away with everything through a combination of charm and California's tenant-friendly eviction laws.

Much like Pauly Shore himself, Guest House is a throwback to the raunchy comedies of the '80s and '90s, as the actor told Looper during our exclusive interview. "We went Hard R," Shore says. "It's a hard rated R and I thought that was cool, especially for these times." The movie has, by design, a certain kind of cringe-inducing rawness that isn't seen in many recent comedies. Guest House is targeted at an audience ready to "just forget about everything and just have a good time. They see this and it represents fun."

Breathing room for old school raunch

"I think with my stuff, especially if I'm starring in something, it's better to make it very simple," says Shore. "Pauly in the army, Pauly on the farm, Pauly in the Bio-Dome, Pauly in the Guest House." A simple format lets him be outlandish and gives him the breathing room for those "Hard R" antics. This includes no small amount of drugs, nudity, sex, wildlife on flakka, and violence. Randy gets beaten up a fair amount, much of it fully deserved. When asked how he handles fight scenes, Shore takes off the banana he's been wearing around his head and states, "I'm used to getting beat up, look at me! Right?"

Shore's stand-out memory comes from shooting a scene in the guest house itself. Bobby Lee of MadTV fame has a supporting role in the movie, and at one point he's hanging in a sex swing. While messing around, Lee "got stuck in the sex swing and I thought he was just acting when he was screaming," Shore recalls. In reality, Lee got locked in and bruised his perineum (if you have to ask, just Google it), "and we had to put ice cubes on it." Despite this — or, more accurately, partially because of it — everyone on set had fun, and that was Shore's end goal: "That's what comedies are supposed to do, you're supposed to just laugh and check out the absurdity of this for two hours."

Guest House is now available on VOD, Blu-ray, and DVD.