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The Lydia Detail From Better Call Saul That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Breaking Bad is beloved by countless fans for many reasons. While everything from the performances to the cinematography deserves praise, there's something to be said about the intricate attention to detail that's seen throughout the series. That care has continued into the prequel show, Better Call Saul

From the colors characters wear to exemplify their mood to how Walter White (Bryan Cranston) takes on the traits of his victims, there are numerous threads that make it feel like the writers planned out the entire series from the beginning. This even extends to small details on Better Call Saul that draw influence from the original series. For example, Saul (Bob Odenkirk) said he'd be working at Cinnabon after he went off the grid on Breaking Bad, and sure enough, that's precisely where we find him in the spin-off's flash-forward framing device. 

Ultimately, there's no such thing as a completely perfect series, and sometimes, a few details get overlooked. That's what one fan of Better Call Saul found in a season 5 episode, but you'd only know it's a mistake if you really pay attention to the background... and have an intricate understanding of Texas geography. 

On Better Call Saul, Lydia's in Houston, but there are no mountains in Houston

Redditor u/liquid_diet brings up a moment in season 5's "Namaste." They point out, "In the scene where it shows Lydia in her office and her award suggests she's in Houston... When did mountains and hills appear in Houston?" While it's difficult to make out the "Houston, TX" on Lydia's award, it's definitely present (and further evidenced by the fact the entire trophy itself is in the shape of the state of Texas). As such, we can surmise she's presently in Houston, but as the Reddit post points out, if you look through the windows, you can see a mountain range behind her. 

As those local to Houston can tell you, there aren't really any mountains in or around Houston. In fact, there aren't many mountains in most of Texas (minus the Trans-Pecos region), so it's clear they filmed the scene in some other location (most likely New Mexico, considering that's where most of Better Call Saul is filmed — "That's one of the drawbacks to filming in a city with the same elevation as Denver," as Redditor u/ProfGilligan says). There's a lot of mountain ranges around Albuquerque, so unfortunately, it stands out when you want to set a scene in a relatively flat area.

A few irregularities aside, Better Call Saul remains one of the best shows currently on television. While we could spend years watching Saul Goodman get into trouble, the series will end next year when its sixth season airs on AMC.