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How Blue Bloods Fans Really Feel About Whoopi Goldberg In Season 11

Blue Bloods comes back to CBS with new episodes on Friday, December 4, 2020. As with every other film and television production in 2020, Blue Bloods has had to work around the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why the new season is coming out so late in the year. While the show itself takes place in a world after the pandemic has already passed (meaning you won't see any characters wearing masks in Blue Bloods season 11), the cast and crew have still needed to operate under COVID-19 restrictions. For example, Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan on the series, stated in an interview that they filmed the close-contact dinner scenes via bots where the camera crew was in a different room from the actors while filming.

All of this is to say that Blue Bloods season 11 will feel very different from what fans have experienced in the past — but the freshness won't solely be the result of the way the new season was filmed and the date it's set to premiere. The cast is also getting a significant shake-up. A recent promo trailer for Blue Bloods season 11 revealed that Whoopi Goldberg will appear in the upcoming season, and fans have some very strong thoughts about the news. 

Many fans aren't particularly excited to see Whoopi Goldberg return to Blue Bloods

Goldberg is one of the few performers in the entire world to win an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). Her career has spanned decades, and she's no stranger to the world of Blue Bloods either. She appeared as New York City councilwoman Regina Thomas in the season 6 episode "Help Me Help You," then came back to reprise the character in season 8. Now, Goldberg's making another comeback for season 11.

It appears as though the upcoming season will address current societal issues concerning police brutality, with protests erupting around the city. It's safe to say police commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) will have some serious conversations with the councilwoman throughout the season — and though Goldberg is a seasoned actor, not every fan is psyched to see her return. 

When the Blue Bloods Instagram page posted the promo trailer, plenty of fans chimed in to express their displeasure at Goldberg returning to the show. Much of the contention seems to boil down to Goldberg's opposition to President Donald Trump. Some of the comments you'll find alongside the post include, "Looking forward to Blue Bloods! I can do without Whoopi" and "I love this show very much but cmon really? Whoopi?" 

Of course, other fans are excited about having an actor of Goldberg's caliber star in Blue Bloods, so you'll also see comments like, "Yes for Whoopi! Awesome actress."

Regardless of your feelings about Whoopi Goldberg, the return of Blue Bloods should excite any fan of the series. Blue Bloods returns on Friday, December 4 on CBS.