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How Fans Really Feel About Johnny Depp's Grindelwald Replacement

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them introduces us to Johnny Depp's super powerful dark wizard Gellert GrindelwaldFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald shows us just how terrifying he can be. While the future of the franchise will explore the character even further, Depp had to quit the role in early November, as he was reportedly asked to step down in the wake of his high-profile legal troubles. 

On November 26, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that, as previously suspected, that Hannibal and Doctor Strange star Mads Mikkelsen will take over the role in the upcoming third Fantastic Beasts film (via The Guardian). Changing the actor of a major villain is obviously a big deal, rendered even more controversial by the salacious circumstances surrounding the substitution. While it remains to be seen how the move will shape the future of the franchise, Fantastic Beasts fans have already been pretty vocal about the change. Here's how fans really feel about Johnny Depp's Grindelwald replacement.

Fans think Mads Mikkelsen will own the role, but remain conflicted about the situation

The circumstances of Depp's departure caused grief among the actor's fans, but in general, people seem to think that Mikkelsen is a great replacement. 

"Mads Mikkelsen is a great actor, especially when it's come [sic] to playing as a villain character. I believe he will play great as Grindelwald too. But — I still feel bad about Johnny Depp, Twitter user Sowoond wrote. "Feel sorry for Depp, but Mikkelsen is not bad at all. It's gonna be great," user Ojienr concurred. 

On Rotten Tomatoes' Instagram post about the news, several people went even further. "That should've been the first option honestly," user Robert100_ praised Mikkelsen's casting. "The replaced actor is awsome [sic]," AliMostatabi added. "We can tolerate the loss of J.D."  

While there has been some criticism of the choice, it appears to be largely directed at the circumstances of Depp's resignation. "I love Mads Mikkelsen. But want Depp as Grindelwald. Is that too much to ask for?" Eizaziz tweeted. The JustSylMe Twitter account also has love for Mikkelsen, but questions the actor's decision to accept the role in the circumstances. "I love the idea of Mads Mikkelsen as Grindelwald, I feel it fits him so good, but it doesn't sit right, I feel what they did to Johnny Depp sucks and MM shouldn't have accepted." 

JulDoodles also feels that Mikkelsen should have declined the role in solidarity. "While I don't support JK Rowling's work anymore, I am still saddened to see that Mads Mikkelsen accepted the role of Grindelwald after Johnny Depp was asked to resign." 

All in all, the general consensus seems to be that Mikkelsen is more than capable of playing the creepy villain.