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Titans Fans Are Freaking Out Over This New Look At Starfire

Back in October 2018, one of DC Comics' most famous teams made the jump from comics and cartoons to the live-action world for the very first time: the Teen Titans. 

And Titans came out swinging. If you recall, the very first trailer for the series featured the Dick Grayson incarnation of Robin (Brenton Thwaites) infamously uttering the phrase "F— Batman." From there, Titans' challenge, from the outset, was clear: It bore little-to-no resemblance to any incarnation of the Teen Titans which came before. Whether you were a fan of the quintessential comic book run by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, or either of the Teen Titans animated shows on  Cartoon Network, the live-action Titans offered very little familiar elements to latch onto, besides some stylistically appropriate hair for the most powerful member of the team, Raven (Teagan Croft).

If there is one character who changed the most significantly from her Cartoon Network incarnation, though, it was Starfire (Anna Diop). The animated Starfire (Hynden Walch) was portrayed as very carefree and cheerful. Yes, she was strong, and yes, she was an alien princess who could fly and shoots laser beams from her eyes, but she was mostly just cuddly, incapable of understanding sarcasm, and a big fan of repeating the definite article "the." In contrast, Anna Diop's Starfire on Titans is very mature, and largely no-nonsense, when we meet her — and on a visual level, very little about her costume has resembled that which fans were accustomed to. 

Diop's costume, though, is about to change in a huge way for Titans season three.

Starfire finally goes full, classic Teen Titans

To back up quickly: We know that Starfire's sister Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) has usurped the throne on their homeworld of Tamaran, and we know that Lewis has been promoted to a series regular for season three. As the story for Titans begins to circle around a familiar past for Starfire, fans have hoped that they'd get to see Diop play new sides of the character. And sure enough, a few weeks back, cinematographer Boris Mojsovski shared an image of Diop as Starfire on Instagram, teasing an updated new look. This was the first glimpse, for Titans fans, of the new vibe Starfire would be bringing to the upcoming third season.

Now, HBO Max has tweeted a new image of Diop in the costume above, which looks a lot more like what we're used to seeing from Starfire — and fans are excited. As user @TheTJArtist tweeted in response, "Suit looks great and wig looks amazing! It's shocking to be able to say I love the hair. I can't wait to see how the special effects for her powers will look. Love this character and talented actress. She has great screen presence." 

Diop's season one costume was a source of some controversy, but it seems all is forgiven. "The people who do the costumes on this show deserve a raise" writes Twitter user @SithMorrison

"the costumes in this show are beautiful, dc fans keep winning," tweeted @TheBearded_Jake

If Diop's new costume is anything to go on, fans may be in for a much brighter, more exciting Titans, now that the series is on HBO Max. The third season is set to air in 2021.