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The Most Powerful Character On Titans

Featuring the sidekicks, proteges, and even children of some of DC Comics' most recognizable names, it's not hard to see why Titans will blow you away. This fresh-faced group of crime-fighters genuinely deliver on their powerful hype.

The first live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans, the series is led by the broody, dark-haired Dick Grayson, who's superhero alter is the one and only Nightwing. A former right-hand to Batman, Dick teams with Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Robin, Hawk, Dove, Ravager, and Jericho to take down dangerous DC enemies like Deathstroke and one of the Titans' most fearsome foes, Trigon.

Their combination of intellect, muscle, and raw capability doesn't just make them perfectly befitting of their team moniker. This revolving door of super-powered vigilantes, meta-humans, and aliens' offensive and defensive traits span everything from being indestructible to being able to capture the sun's energy — putting them in a separate league than other small-screen DC team-ups. With two seasons of exciting world-saving clashes, the Titans have proven there's almost no foe they can't take down together. Alone, each Titan also possesses unique strengths that set them apart in how well they lay out enemies. But how do their abilities stack up against each other, and who among them is the most powerful?

In peak physical condition, the fight training and exacting blows of Titans like Nightwing, Hawk, and Ravager are a cut above the rest. However, unlike the shape-shifting Beast Boy, the possession powers of Jericho, or Aqualad's all-out command of the aquatic, that's where most of their power stops. Mortality, emotional volatility, or lack of non-human abilities holds Titans' best combatants back. Meanwhile, the lesser-honed fighting skill and narrower command of naturally beatable powers prevent some of Titans' more superhumanly gifted characters from being counted among the strongest. That leaves just a handful of heroes left.

Raven, the youngest Titan, is the show's most formidable character

Heroic royalty in their own rights, Wonder Girl, Superboy, and Starfire are nearly matched in areas like superhuman strength, durability, agility, and healing. But even with her lasso, Donna Troy's no god-killer. Connor's mix of Lex Luthor and Superman DNA is no match for his recent test-tube birth, which renders him a child-like liability. Starfire is frequently seen by comics fans as the most powerful due to her Tamarin alien-abilities, but TV Kory's amnesia means she can't always access her full range of abilities (including solar blasts and shields), making her unreliable.

In the end, Raven is who many fans believe is the most powerful character on Titans. The half-human, half-demon rivals her father Trigon, as evidenced on the ending of Titans season 1. Being the daughter of the destroyer of worlds also means she can overtake even the strongest meta-human and extraterrestrial Titans. In addition to telepathy and empathic ability, Raven's illusion casting ability not only serves to soothe and/or empower her teammates, but also is effective in disarming and unhinging enemies. Her equally strong telekinetic abilities see her blast, disintegrate, or levitate targets with ease. And still, it's her demonic dark side that truly makes her a true Titan. 

A subconscious projection, Rachel's "soul-self" Raven is a terrifying pale vision and impressive defense. Able to signal impending danger, it's the teen's best protection against threats. Raven has been able to create and wield negative energy to form weapons and restraints, link the minds of two separate people, and bring to life terrifying inanimate objects when she's not in "dark side" mode. But she mostly lacks the restraint and control that her "soul-self" wields to deadly consequences. For that, she's arguably the only character with abilities so overpoweringly dynamic, and whose lack of control makes her an even more formidable threat.