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The Best Sibling Relationships In TV History

Whether they're your biggest supporter or the best at giving you a (lovingly) hard time, no relationship rivals the ones you have with your siblings. They have been with you the longest, and because of this, they get you better than anyone. Sure, they know exactly which buttons to push, but they also know how to make you laugh until you cry. Family parties are much better when you have your sibling to sit with at the kids' table (even when you're full-grown adults), trading old jokes and drinking together, until well after everyone else has gone home.

Since the dawn of television, TV shows have been trying to capture this unique and special bond everywhere from outer space to family dinners. From the Winchesters to the Cranes, so many brilliant sibling relationships have graced the small screen. Here are the ones that truly make you feel like part of their brood.

Bart and Lisa Simpson

Since 1989, Bart and Lisa Simpson have had one of the most honest sibling relationships on TV. They know exactly how to get on each other's nerves, resulting in some epic fights. Still, while the pair may not always show it, their love for each other comes through in the end. Consider the moment in season eight, when Bart becomes the most popular kid at military school. Despite this, he's mostly concerned about Lisa being ostracized for being a girl, and ultimately goes against his new compatriots, helping her get across the rope course. Or the time in season six, when Bart and Lisa are rivals on ice, but remember all the good times they had together through a series of flashbacks. And who can forget the epic birthday song Bart writes for Lisa in season three?

Even though it's often veiled behind a layer of sarcasm and fighting, Bart and Lisa love each other deeply. The Simpsons makes it easy to see yourself and your siblings as kids like them, which is why they've resonated with everyone for so long.

Monica and Ross Geller

Monica and Ross Geller set the bar pretty high when it comes to sibling relationships on TV. Their friendship is so strong, you almost forget that on a show about chosen family, they are actually related. Monica, the amazing chef whose cleanliness standards would make Danny Tanner proud, and Ross, the endearingly quirky paleontologist, are always there for each other, no matter what obstacles Friends throws in their way.

This duo gives fans heaps of hilarious moments. When Monica makes kiwi pie, she forgets Ross is allergic, sending the duo to the hospital for an unwelcome needle. Then there's the time when it's revealed that Ross' first kiss with Rachel was actually with Monica, much to their mutual disgust. Perhaps the greatest moment of all is when the siblings break out an epic dance routine on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, which was choreographed by none other than Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin

Monica and Ross have weathered many squabbles, are very invested in each other's love lives, and even have a way of "giving [each other the] finger without actually having to give it." Still, through everything, the pair are best friends.

Sam and Dean Winchester

Who better to hunt supernatural demons with than your brother? The broodingly attractive Winchester brothers have conquered evil, saved the world, and sacrificed themselves multiple times. Their bond is unbreakable, and that connection has kept Supernatural fans enamored for 15 seasons.

These stalwart brothers have quite literally gone to hell and back for each other. Honestly, Dean made a deal with the devil to save Sam's life. It doesn't get more dedicated than that. The Winchesters are forces of nature, but don't think they're stone-faced superheroes: They aren't afraid to show emotion. Whether it's Dean refusing to fight back when a possessed Sam is beating him to a pulp, or Sam seeing his dad on the hospital room floor after Dean is brought back from death's door, the pair have pulled every heartstring possible. This combination of bravery and vulnerability is the reason everyone loves them. Through all the darkness and suffering, these loving brothers always find a way forward — often through the power of their brotherly bond.

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell 

These sisters truly live up to their Charmed name. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are revealed to be witches in the first episode of the series, after their grandmother dies. The show proceeds to follow the Halliwells as they try to live normal lives, explore their ancestry and, also, minor detail, protect the world from evil. This is a task they are much more successful in accomplishing when they work together. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's bond is very similar to the Winchester brothers of Supernatural fame. Let's be honest: Nothing brings a family together like fighting demonic creatures. 

While Charmed ran for eight seasons, the original trio is only together for three seasons: Prue is killed off and replaced with their lost sister, Paige. Even though there was drama behind the scenes, on-screen fans remain enamored of these strong women. They make everyone believe in magic and the legendary "Power of Three". The Charmed reboot is also quite fun and breaking barriers with the series' first transgender character, but the OG Halliwells will always have a special place in TV history.

Carlton, Hilary, and Ashley Banks

Carlton, Hilary, and Ashley weren't born in West Philadelphia, nor was the playground where they spent most of their days. However, everyone loves these siblings, who form the heart of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Hilary is the ditzy but kind older sister, Ashley is the ambitious budding star and the youngest of the brood, and Carlton is the middle child who is incredibly smart and the greatest dancer (in everyone's hearts, at least). As different as the three of them are, their bond is truly special. 

The Banks kids enjoy many memorable moments, like Hilary's proposal (which goes very wrong), the time Carlton and Will gamble away all their money in Vegas and are forced to dance for cash to get home, and when Ashley belts out "Respect". Still, it is the moments in which they lift each other up that makes The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so special. Recall the moment in season five, for example, when Hilary gives Ashley the most positive, empowering sex talk possible.

After six seasons ran their course, everyone thought they'd only get to watch this hilarious trio in reruns. Luckily, the Banks clan is headed back to the small screen, and the world cannot wait to see what the upcoming HBO reboot has in store for them.

Will and Jonathan Byers and Nancy and Mike Wheeler

Stranger Things is chock-full of endearing relationships, none stronger than the ones between siblings. When Mike and Nancy are first introduced, they seem to have grown apart, but as the series progresses, their bond becomes solidified. The Wheeler siblings are trying to find themselves, and are both struggling in relatively new relationships. Yet their values align as they fight for the good of everyone, and this brings them together. This is most evident when Mike, standing face to face with the Mind Flayer, calls out to warn Nancy. 

On the flip side, Will and Jonathan have an incredibly tight bond from the beginning of the series. For the first two seasons, Will is trapped and Jonathan stops at nothing to save him. The Byers brothers on their own are stronger than they realize, but together, they're unstoppable — even against some intensely demonic creatures. Being in the Upside Down is beyond terrifying, but knowing you have a sibling ready to attack a Demogorgon to save your life probably makes you feel a little more at ease.

Chuck and Ellie Bartowski

For most of their lives, Chuck and Ellie Bartowski of Chuck fame only had each other. Ellie was tasked with looking out for her little brother, and this surrogate mother succeeded. The pair are best friends, and this unbreakable sibling bond never falters over the course of five seasons. With apartments across the courtyard from each other, the pair constantly and endearingly interacts. As kids, they vowed "no secrets". This rule stays mostly intact, except for the tiny detail about Chuck having a super computer in his head and his moonlighting as a super spy. 

Even though Ellie thinks Chuck is searching for his purpose in life, she never makes him feel bad about where he is in the moment. She only wants what's best for Chuck — including his love life. She drops hints that she wants him to be with Sarah. Well, maybe she gets a little more heavy-handed than that, but she always has his best interests in mind. The reverse is also true: Chuck's main priority is keeping his sister safe, even if it means putting himself in harm's way. In fact, it often means putting himself in harm's way, which makes everyone love them even more. Chuck and Ellie are truly sibling goals.

Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell

14 years before Sister, Sister begins, twins Tia and Tamera are separated at birth. Then one day, they bump into each other at the mall, and soon enough, their adopted families move in together. Comedy ensues! This onscreen duo is utterly heartwarming, enriched by the fact that their actresses, Tia and Tamera Mowry, are siblings in real life.

The show follows the classic '90s framework: A fight about school or boys happens, hijinks ensue, and they make up by the end of the episode. Still, their bond is undeniable. When Tia has a huge zit and a dream date with her crush, Anthony, Tamera offers to go as her sister. When Tamera and Anthony hit it off, Tia gives them her blessing, putting her sister before her own feelings. Only an unbreakable sibling relationship could display such selflessness. For six seasons, Tia and Tamera's infectious energy makes everyone feel like part of their family.

Kate, Kevin, and Randall Pearson

The Pearson siblings of This Is Us have truly made the world feel every emotion possible. The way their story is told bends conventional storytelling wisdom, but it works like gangbusters: Seeing them both as kids and adults in the same episode gives a more complete picture of each person.

This trio couldn't be more different, and week after week, their bond continues to be tested. Still, through triumphs and heartbreaks, Kate, Kevin, and Randall stick together. When Randall has his panic attack, Kevin is there to hold him. When Kate is being abused by a boyfriend, her brothers come to save her. When Kevin is forced to go to rehab for drunk driving, his siblings do not turn their back on him.

This Is Us doesn't hold back when portraying complicated relationships. Let's be honest, in real life, sibling relationships are often complicated. The fact that the show acknowledges these intricacies allows the audience to understand and appreciate their own unique psyches and bonds. The imperfection of this trio's connection is endearing, and always has fans rooting for them to triumph.

David and Alexis Rose

"Ew, David" has become part of everyone's vernacular, and for good reason. Though Alexis and David Rose may be a newer addition to the television landscape, the Schitt's Creek duo has become the world's favorite brother and sister team.

While at first it appears that David and Alexis dislike each other with an intense passion, quite the opposite is revealed. Their sibling fights are incredibly quick-witted — so much so that you often have to hit pause and watch a scene again to keep up. Yet, it is the scene when David reveals he's at home, worried about Alexis while she galivants around the world with random people, that their incredible bond comes front and center.

They get closer and closer as the series goes on. They are there for each other through new loves, heartbreaks, career milestones, and huge life decisions. Alexis and David become inseparable, and as they choose to follow their own paths far apart from each other, everyone watching cries along with them. Then, of course, during the tears, a character inevitably says something funny, making the entire viewing audience fall in love with the show even more.

Frasier and Niles Crane

Frasier and Niles Crane are probably the most simpatico sibling duo on the list. They are both doctors, they both love wine and opera, they have very little in common with their dad, and they're both on a quest for the perfect romantic relationship. For 11 seasons, these suit-clad men capture the world's hearts.

Frasier is the grounded version of Niles who always seems to be a bit frantic in the most delightful way possible. Moreover, Frasier is compassionate, while Niles is sensitive. It is still rare to see such vulnerable men leading a television show, and these two do it with ease. But it's not all similarities and emotion: They're always in competition with each other, which always ends in hilarity. They attempt to write a book together, compete to see who can be the cork master in the wine club, and even try to win the attention of the same woman. Still, at the end of the day, their relationship is truly built on love, and they want what is best for one another. The Cranes established a sibling relationship which many sitcoms try to emulate — for very good reason.